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Legal Interpretation with Boostlingo

Get highly skilled legal interpreters for a fraction of the cost.

Connect in Seconds

Connect with experienced interpreters in seconds. Our routing allows for quick and efficient interpretation delivery.

24/7 Availability

Choose from over 300 languages! Spanish, ASL, and 90+ other languages are available 24/7.

Easy-to-Use App

Easy language access for any user. Available on any device, select your language, and connect with your interpreter.

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Speak with one of our specialists today to see how easy it is to connect to qualified interpreters at any time with a Boostlingo On-Demand subscription.

Enhance your legal proceedings with Boostlingo

Learn about the main features and benefits of Boostlingo On-Demand.

Languages (VRI/OPI)
250 +
For 90+ Languages
24/ 7
Call Satisfaction Rate
99 %
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With Boostlingo, we’re able to connect with an interpreter for a majority of our languages in seconds. It’s just perfect from an operational perspective.

On-Demand for Law Firms and Legal Departments

Boostlingo’s On-Demand legal interpretation services address the crucial need for seamless communication in any legal firm or department. With our platform, we empower legal professionals to navigate linguistic barriers effortlessly, ensuring you never lose a case due to miscommunications again. Boostlingo offers video-remote and over-the-phone interpretation, so no matter what method you use to communicate with clients, you can introduce an interpreter quickly and easily.

Instead of paying mandatory two-hour minimums, pay for the minutes your team really needs. We partner with language service companies to offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

At Boostlingo, we place a strong emphasis on security and confidentiality. All client meetings and interpretation sessions on our platform are encrypted from end to end, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. Our skilled interpreters adhere to strict ethical standards, guaranteeing impartiality, accuracy, and professionalism, making Boostlingo the perfect language service solution for law firms and legal departments.

The platform’s scalability is superb. Communication is seamless (both VRI and OPI) and updates keep coming out non-stop. The staff is super friendly!

Boostlingo IMS for Court Systems

Boostlingo IMS (Interpretation Management System) for court systems makes managing onsite and virtual interpreters simple. We understand the challenge courts face worldwide in looking for a cost-effective solution that reduces headaches rather than creating new ones. That’s why our all-in-one platform allows you to automate appointments, schedule interpreters, and manage billing directly through Boostlingo IMS.

Billing – Instead of chasing down signatures and manually organizing paperwork, manage your billing and invoicing in a central platform. Send invoices to clients and interpreters for real-time review, comments, and approval. Integrate with QuickBooks to reduce time spent on accounting.

Scheduling – Boostlingo IMS for scheduling is as powerful as your need to grow. By incorporating automation into your scheduling process, you’ll save time when broadcasting and confirming jobs without any extra effort or manual time-consuming processes. It’s the right way to free up administrators.

Don’t just take our word for it. We were recently highlighted in CIO Review’s Most Promising Legal Tech Solutions Provider of 2023′. We have a proven record of success in enabling court systems and law firms to manage their language access needs. Whether it’s through automating your existing workflows, providing support through our Boostlingo HUB Interpreter Network, or getting your billing into one place, Boostlingo IMS has you covered.

Boostlingo AI Pro

AI Pro is our solution to real-time captioning and translating spoken words into written text using the power of AI. Boostlingo AI Pro acts like a professional translator, ensuring no matter what language you need, Boostlingo AI Pro is here to help you communicate without barriers.

Precise and efficient communication is vital when coordinating with customers with limited English proficiency. With Boostlingo AI Pro, we allow your administrators to correspond with clients without missing a beat. Never miss a detail or appointment due to language barriers again.

With Boostlingo AI Pro, you can:

  • Schedule appointments with LEP clients
  • Gather better and more explicit information
  • Avoid costly sessions for short phone calls
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently
  • Translate meetings

Help your staff to be more productive and efficient with meeting communications.

Boostlingo Hub

The Boostlingo Hub gives you access to a vast network of over 17,000 qualified interpreters, including legal and sign language interpreters. We meticulously screen and train all interpreters to ensure all calls through our network are confidential and professional.

Buyers Guide to Finding an On-Demand Interpretation Partner

This free ebook explores why on-demand interpretation is an essential tool for compliance and serving diverse communities and prepares you to evaluate potential partners.

Frequently asked questions

Boostlingo offers expert legal interpreting services for court hearings, legal consultations, depositions, and other similar engagements.

The qualified interpreters in the Boostlingo Hub are highly aware of the linguistic challenges in the legal field (especially in immigration and asylum cases) and are trained to ensure the accurate exchange of information during legal proceedings.

The court interpreters in our network are trained to prioritize privacy and discretion when interacting with clients. Additionally, we require them to comply with the Boostlingo Code of Conduct to ensure that sensitive information will not be leaked to a third party.

As you avail yourself of our legal language interpretation services, rest assured that all engagements will be kept confidential.

Partnering with Boostlingo will mean easy access to over 17,000 interpreters who speak over 300 languages. All you need is a stable internet connection, a computer or mobile device, then you’re ready to connect with a legal interpreter on our network. For more details, make sure to check out our list of supported languages.

Integrating our legal court scheduling software into your operations will lead to improved organizational efficiency. Our advanced scheduling system will streamline the allocation of your staff interpreters and ensures that all your legal encounters will have the necessary language support. If you staff interpreters, you may acquire more support by connecting to a remote interpreter within our network!

Yes, Boostlingo is fully compliant with industry and federal regulations, including SOC 2 Type II. We provide a reliable and secure platform for interpreting in court, giving our clients the confidence that their linguistic needs will be met with professionalism and that sensitive information is kept confidential.

At Boostlingo, we recognize the unique challenges faced by legal professionals when it comes to software solutions. That’s why we’re committed to offering comprehensive technical support and maintenance services, specifically designed to cater to the needs of the legal industry. We offer a 24/7 support team, dedicated account managers, and end-to-end support. You can learn more about the support we provide by visiting our support page.