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Human Interpretation for

Remove language barriers and focus on your mission.

Language Translation for Non-Profits

Drive impact

Professional interpreters in over 300 languages are available at your fingertips. It’s language when you need it.

Simple access

Set up everyone who needs interpretation with Boostlingo. Use it on any device and add features that make life easier.

Focus on what matters

When there’s an urgent situation or a message you need to get across, let us handle the interpretation.

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Spend more time focusing on your mission. Learn how thousands of other organizations are using Boostlingo to bridge the language gap and serve diverse communities.

Boostlingo On-Demand: Communicate Without Barriers

Watch our product video to learn more about the most powerful remote interpretation solution on the market. It’s an easy to use, high-quality service.

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We previously spent a lot of time trying to get an interpreter for clients. It’s tricky. Having interpreters at our fingertips has helped a lot.

Interpretation services for nonprofits

Boostlingo On-Demand is a product that manages and delivers interpretation services through phone and video. It’s a powerful solution to drive impact and serve diverse communities.

  • Access services in over 300 languages with Boostlingo Hub, including rare and indigenous ones, through a network of over 17,000 remote interpreters.
  • Use it on any device. Set up partners or staff with an easy-to-use app so they can connect to services on their phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Tailor the remote interpreting experience to your specific needs and workflows.
  • Boostlingo On-Demand uses intelligent routing technology to quickly connect you with the best possible human interpreter for your needs.
  • Analytics offer insights on use in different parts of your organization.
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boostlingo events example

The big selling point with Boostlingo Events is that it was a seamless, easy to use platform.

Multilingual events and meetings for nonprofits

Boostlingo Events ensures engagement in any language, anywhere, with live interpretation for online meetings. Our platform, well designed for non-profit organizations, offers special features like gallery view, screen sharing, multilingual presentations, and interpretation support.

  • Offer event interpretation to your clients using interpreters from our network.
  • Boostlingo Events is multilingual at every touchpoint including chat, polling, and translated presentations.
  • Accessibility options are available for sign language and captioning.
  • With support every step of the way, Boostlingo Events will help you set up a fully customized multilingual event for any size audience.

AI-captioning for nonprofits

Utilize Boostlingo AI Pro as your professional translator, transforming spoken words into written text. Our AI-driven platform supports translation into 130+ languages, making it the ideal non-profit translation service to communicate with clients, employees, and more!

AI Pro features:

  • Live Captioning
  • Speech to Text
  • Speech to Speech

Boostlingo ensures inclusivity for diverse communities, catering to non-English speakers and individuals with hearing disabilities, thus aligning with accessibility standards.

Seamlessly integrating with established communication systems, including popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Boostlingo AI Pro ensures smooth sessions and minimal disruption to workflow.

The Boostlingo Hub

The Boostlingo Hub is a one-stop shop for language access. Start offering clients access to all types of professional language services, including on-demand interpretation services, translation, and more.


Buyers Guide to Finding an On-Demand Interpretation Partner

This free ebook explores why on-demand interpretation is an essential tool for compliance and serving diverse communities and prepares you to evaluate potential partners.

Frequently asked questions

The Boostlingo Hub has a network of 17,000 remote interpreters that offer services in over 300 languages. More than 90 languages are available 24/7.

There’s no limit! We recommend setting up a time with our team to determine the best solution for your need. If you ever want to add or remove a user from your account, it’s easy to do. Additionally, we have access settings that you can set for each user.

On-demand interpretation is a language interpreting service that provides consumers with real-time interpretation services as needed. Here’s how it works:

User Request: The user requests an interpretation session using the on-demand language interpretation software. This request may be made via phone or video conference.

Interpreter Assignment: The computer assigns the best-suited interpretation for the session based on language competence, industry experience, and availability.

Interpretation Session: The interpreter joins the session via the software, providing real-time interpretation to the user.

Session End: After the interpretation session is complete, the interpreter exits out of the application and the user is billed for the services performed.

Boostlingo provides an extensive range of remote interpreting services, encompassing ASL interpretation, as well as video and phone interpreting. The interpreters in Boostlingo’s network are qualified for healthcare, legal, and community settings.

Focused on language solutions, our goal is to stand out in delivering comprehensive translation services. We elevate the clarity of crucial documents by translating them into a range of target languages, including legal documents and medical documents, among other types. Whether it’s translating from Spanish to English, English to Spanish, or any language pair, we’ve got you covered!

Your Trusted Partner in Success

At Boostlingo, we’re committed to offering comprehensive technical support and maintenance services. This includes:

  • 24/7 support team
  • Dedicated account managers
  • End-to-end support

Boostlingo appreciates all our clients and makes a stand to be there with them every step of the way. Boostlingo has an incredible support team that’s available 24/7 providing same day responses as well as Account Managers who help with implementation, monitor usage, checkups and connect with clients to make sure everything is running completely smoothly.