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ASL Interpretation

Boostlingo offers high-quality reliable American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation services for businesses, groups, and individuals

Let’s Bridge The Language Gap Together

Here at Boostlingo, it’s our mission to improve language access for all. We offer expert interpreters, personalized solutions, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation between you and your partners.

Get ASL interpretation anytime, anywhere, with our team of knowledgeable and certified interpreters available on any device.

Our interpreters are certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and provide documentation of their national certification. They are required to maintain their certification through continuing education, including at least 80 hours of professional development every four years.

video remote interpretation (VRI)

Meet your ASL Interpreting Needs Without Hiring New Staff

Boostlingo is a trusted and adaptable solution designed to accommodate your schedule seamlessly. Regardless of whether you require ASL interpretation services in healthcare, education, nonprofit, legal, or business settings, our extensive network guarantees access to qualified ASL interpreters who can fulfill your specific requirements.

By subscribing to our monthly plan, you can save on expenses related to travel, salaries, and more, while only paying for the precise number of minutes you require.

on-demand ALS interpretation

Third Party Integration

Boostlingo’s application seamlessly integrates with any device, eliminating the need for you to purchase new equipment. Our user-friendly platform is specifically designed to minimize training time for your staff, enabling you to save weeks on onboarding. Additionally, Boostlingo effortlessly integrates with popular tools such as Zoom, Webex, Stripe, and Quickbooks, removing the requirement for additional licenses for new business suites.

Our interpretation platform is tailored to work harmoniously with your existing tools, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow.

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