Video Remote Interpreting Services

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) provides fast and efficient online language interpretation through video conferencing. VRI eliminates the need for in-person interpreters, saving time and money, and improving accessibility.

Prescheduled Video Sessions

Preschedule Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) requests with Boost IMS. Allow participants to join through video on their computer or smartphone, eliminating the need for expensive video hardware.

screenshot of Boostlingo’s video interpreting system
screenshot of Boostlingo’s Video interpreting system from a scheduling perspective

On Demand Remote Interpreters

With our On Demand VRI services, you can provide real-time language support. Connect your customers and interpreters instantly via our platform, ensuring real-time language access while preserving control and monitoring over the job lifecycle.


High-Definition Video

Crystal-clear video with ASL-appropriate frame rates


Intelligent Routing

Industry-leading routing capabilities


Call Ratings

Track feedback to optimize customer satisfaction

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Android & iOS

Video Remote Interpreting is available on both Android and iOS

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Familiar Workflow

Process video remote interpreting jobs as usual in our interpretation management system

A Video Interpreting Software with Secure End-to-End Encryption

The video interpreting software from Boostlingo is a safe and dependable option for organizations and people that need translation services in a variety of languages. Their software for video interpreting is intended to have an intuitive user interface that enables smooth communication between the client and the interpreter.

Secure end-to-end encryption is one of the fundamental components of Boostlingo’s video interpreting software. This ensures that confidential information is secured and kept secret in all discussions between the client and the interpreter. All data is secured during transmission and storage thanks to the encryption technology employed by Boostlingo, giving customers the assurance that their information is secure.

The user-friendly features of the video interpreting software include high-definition video and audio, real-time document sharing, and programmable interpretation settings. This makes it simple for clients to speak with their interpreters in a number of contexts, such as a court hearing, business meeting, or medical consultation.

Industries That Can Benefit from Utilizing Video Remote Interpreting Solutions

When we consider industries that have required video remote interpreting services, we may come up with a long list of industries that demand vocal communication. Nowadays, every business in the globe might benefit from including VRI interpreting into their daily work environment. Boostlingo has worked with several of these companies and maintains tight relationships with our partners across various industries.

Here are some of the industries with which we’ve worked that we believe will benefit from video remote interpreting platforms:


Global training and workforce management is easier than ever with VRI options that bring teams together in one virtual space.


Teachers and parents may interact across language barriers with low-cost, adaptable technology. High-quality remote interpreting services for education and meeting and event solutions.


A language access strategy should include on-demand remote interpreting services for healthcare. With a tablet, interpreters may be added to an onsite appointment or right into a telemedicine call.


By providing services to multilingual and low English proficiency consumers, video remote interpreting services for judicial processes might broaden the types of cases a business can accept.

The Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network

On Demand Video Interpreters In 300+ Languages

Can’t meet demand with in-house interpreters? Prioritize your interpreters but rely on the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN) to serve your clients at all times. Short connection times and qualified video interpreters are just a click away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) is a telecommunications service that employs cameras on a computer, laptop, or tablet to give sign language or spoken language interpreting services to visually interact with both a requestor and the requestor’s customer or patient.

In contrast to an in-person interpreting experience, video remote interpretation enables individuals to obtain an offsite interpreter on demand to communicate across a language barrier, such as during a session requiring ASL interpreting.

In the worlds of legal, corporate, and healthcare, VRI is often employed. Often, the two parties who require an interpreter are together at one location and connected through a language service provider’s VRI software using a completely safe and encrypted connection, the interpreter works from a separate location. Using a tablet, phone or computer, the interpreter participates in the conversation using audio and video feed.

When these parties are located separately, VRI offers flexible options for virtual meetings. The VRI interpreter can be added to an ongoing video conference and perform the same service.

Yes, Video Remote Interperting (VRI) Services are secure and compliant with the necessary regulations. Video Remote interpreters are trained to prioritize privacy as they engage with their clients.

Additionally, they are compliant with federal laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and this ensures that no sensitive information is leaked to a third party.

In Boostlingo’s case, the interpreters are network are also required to comply with the Boostlingo Code of Conduct so rest assured that any information shared will be kept confidential.  

Users of our solutions have the option to pre-schedule a VRI session or acquire support on-demand. We recognize that our clients may have unique needs, so having both options allows us to provide as much flexibility as possible!  

In case a user wants to schedule a VRI session, all the user needs to do is boot up the app, input the target language, and find the appropriate interpreter who’s available on his or her preferred date and time.  

Yes, there are some certified interpreters in our network. However, in countries such as the United States, one should note that certification is significantly limited for medical and court interpreters. Given that interpreters serve in hundreds of languages, formal certification is not available for all language pairs.

With that said, it’s important to know that just because an interpreter isn’t certified doesn’t mean that he or she is unqualified. In Boostlingo’s case, our specialized interpreters meet the same professional and training requirements that are required of certified interpreters.

Rest assured that our interpreters will provide timely, relevant, and accurate interpretations as they engage with you!

Yes, VRI can be used to deliver sign language intepretation services. In Boostlingo’s case, we offer VRI services for sign language interpretation.

Whether it’s for a legal hearing or an educational seminar, our VRI service enables Deaf or Hard of hearing individuals to participate in various settings.  

A wonderful long-term financial savings option for people or corporations wishing to save money is video remote interpretation. Boostlingo is one software company that recognizes this and works to satisfy its customers’ expectations. The monthly subscription price varies based on the number of minutes utilized and the languages that need to be provided by taking into consideration the degree of consumption that each customer requires.

Travel costs and interpreter fees associated with on-site interpreting services are not a concern with remote interpretation. This makes using remote interpreting for organizations or individuals that need to communicate in many languages a popular and useful option. Moreover, VRI offers a quick and effective alternative that saves time, especially when interpretation is urgently needed.

Based on the information from our BPIN (Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network), our vast network comprises more than 17,000 proficient interpreters who cover a wide spectrum of over 300 languages spoken worldwide.

This extensive network enables Boostlingo to ensure a reliable connection whenever on-demand calls are made through our platform.

If you’re interested on receiving more information on our VRI services, you can schedule a demo with one of our sales representatives!

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