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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Make It Possible for Your Clients and Interpreters to Connect Virtually with Our Cutting-Edge Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Technology

Prescheduled Video

Preschedule Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) requests with Boost IMS. Allow participants to join through video on their computer or smartphone, eliminating the need for expensive video hardware.


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On Demand Video

With our On Demand VRI services, you can provide real-time language support. Connect your customers and interpreters instantly via our platform, ensuring real-time language access while preserving control and monitoring over the job lifecycle.


High-Definition Video

Crystal-clear video with ASL-appropriate frame rates


Intelligent Routing

Industry-leading routing capabilities


Call Ratings

Track feedback to optimize customer satisfaction

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Android & iOS

Video Remote Interpreting is available on both Android and iOS

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Familiar Workflow

Process video remote interpreting jobs as usual in our interpretation management system

What Is Video Remote Interpretation And How Does It Work?

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) is a telecommunications service that employs cameras on a computer, laptop, or tablet to give sign language or spoken language interpreting services to visually interact with both a requestor and the requestor’s customer or patient.

In contrast to an in-person interpreting experience, video remote interpretation enables individuals to obtain an offsite interpreter on demand to communicate across a language barrier, such as during a session requiring ASL interpreting.

In the worlds of legal, corporate, and healthcare, VRI is often employed. Often, the two parties who require an interpreter are together at one location and connected through a language service provider’s VRI software using a completely safe and encrypted connection, the interpreter works from a separate location. Using a tablet, phone or computer, the interpreter participates in the conversation using audio and video feed.

When these parties are located separately, VRI offers flexible options for virtual meetings. The VRI interpreter can be added to an ongoing video conference and perform the same service.

How Can Organizations Benefit from VRI Interpreting?

Although VRI has been available since the 1990s, video interpreting is still a relatively new concept for some. We’ve compiled information on not just the technologies behind video remote interpreting, but also how it may assist many organizations throughout the world. Language service providers like iTek Interpreting have used VRI to power things like continued access to schools during the pandemic.

VRI is an answer to the increasing globalization of jobs around the world, and the changing landscape of multilingual meetings online and in person.

Take into account the work landscape; many jobs were once office-based. Since the pandemic, the switch to remote work has been accelerated for white-collar jobs. With remote options, companies can now look to offshoring work that previously had to be employed onsite.

More global workers make Boostlingo’s VRI interpreting platform appropriate for the social atmosphere of today. In addition to answering this rising need for multilingual communications, our platform is easy to use and seamlessly works with iOS and Android devices.

Professionals can help their companies break down communication barriers in the workplace and connect more individuals, regardless of culture or language, by using video remote interpreting. Boostlingo believes in bringing people together, and with communication services like VRI, anybody can!

How Much Does Video Remote Interpretation Cost?

on demand video remote interpretation   One of the most significant advantages of video remote interpretation is how extremely cost-effective interpreting can be, especially compared to onsite interpreting. VRI is ideal for people looking to save money in the long and short term!

Boostlingo makes an effort to understand its clients; during our discovery calls, we ask how much the product will be used and what kind of expertise and languages will need to be covered. With our flexible subscription options monthly and per-minute prices vary, with rate discounts for larger users.

*It is important to remember that each type of interpreting service has a distinct price. At Boostlingo, video remote interpreting is one of our core services, so our prices are modeled on monthly subscriptions versus pricing for customers searching for on-site interpreting services, which will be substantially different.

Industries That Can Use Video Remote Interpreting Services

When we consider industries that have required video remote interpreting services, we may come up with a long list of industries that demand vocal communication. Nowadays, every business in the globe might benefit from including VRI interpreting into their daily work environment. Boostlingo has worked with several of these companies and maintains tight relationships with our partners across various industries.

Here are some of the industries with which we’ve worked that we believe will benefit from video remote interpreting platforms:


Global training and workforce management is easier than ever with VRI options that bring teams together in one virtual space.


Teachers and parents can communicate across language barriers with cost-effective, flexible VRI solutions for meetings and events.


VRI is a great addition to a language access plan. Interpreters can be added to an onsite appointment via tablet, or directly into a telehealth call.


VRI can expand the type of cases a firm can onboard by offering services to multilingual and limited English proficiency customers.

The Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network

On Demand Video Interpreters In 300+ Languages

Can’t meet demand with in-house interpreters? Prioritize your interpreters but rely on the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN) to serve your clients at all times. Short connection times and qualified video interpreters are just a click away. Click here to see a list of all supported languages for VRI.

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