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The Most Powerful Subscription-Based Over The Phone Interpretation System Available Today

Prescheduled Phone

Preschedule Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) requests with Boost IMS.

Allow your clients and interpreters to connect over the phone at a fraction of the cost of traditional onsite interpreting.

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screenshot of an example of what over the phone interpreting looks like when using Boostlingo

On Demand Phone

Facilitate real-time language support with our On Demand OPI capabilities.

Connect your customers and interpreters instantly with Boost IMS to ensure real-time language access, while maintaining control and oversight over your organization.

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Multi-Device Support

Browser calling and native mobile app support

IVR For Phone Lines

Customizable IVR menus to suit your clients’ needs


Intelligent Routing

Industry-leading routing capabilities

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Integrated Analytics

Customized usage reports to optimize resources

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Familiar Workflow

Process OPI jobs as usual in our interpretation management system

The Benefits of Over The Phone Interpretation

Intake Questions OPI Our daily real-time conversations haven’t relied solely on face to face communication in almost 150 years, so why should our interpretation services? 

Since the first phone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, long-distance communication has become ubiquitous. Today, nearly everyone has a phone in their hand—7.26 billion people, or 91% of the world’s population!  

Whether through text, email, FaceTime or phone call, our phones rule the communication of the day. Within the interpreting world, over the phone interpreting has risen in step with this transformation in our communication.

Phones now expand access to interpreting 

Because of the widespread availability, people from many walks of life utilize over-the-phone interpretation services as a crucial tool to fully communicate with one another. Boostlingo specializes in providing these phone interpreting services to foster understanding and make it easier for many cultures to communicate with one another smoothly.  

Quickly connect to a professional 

Besides availability, another huge benefit of phone interpretation is how quickly you can get connected in emergencies (versus waiting for an on-site interpreter to make it to the scene). For people who need immediate language assistance to effectively overcome language obstacles, over-the-phone interpreting is available. 

More organizations know about and access interpretation 

With OPI becoming more affordable and easier to use, interpretation is now available in new industries and spaces. By giving customers the choice of phone interpretation, leaders can improve their experience and decrease the likelihood of misunderstandings, which can lead to lengthy wait times and mistakes in communication.  

Overall, the benefit of over-the-phone interpreting is that it’s an effective procedure that boosts productivity for your company, leads to better interactions with your community, and can boost the reputation of your brand (pun intended). 

How To Find an Over the Phone Interpreter?

OPI Interpreter

Interpreters have joined Boostlingo’s professional network to manage their interpretation business from the comfort of their own home, which in return, makes it quite easy to find an over-the-phone interpreter when you use our phone interpreting services. 

With Boostlingo On Demand and Scheduled Over the Phone Interpreting, users may connect to a qualified professional interpreter in less than 10 seconds and for a fraction of the cost of traditional onsite interpreting (OPI). 

There are two ways to get connected: if your organization has a language that they use frequently, our team can set up a direct dial 1-800 number programmed to get you connected to the first available interpreter in that language. 

If you have more varying needs, your team can simply open the Boostlingo app (which works on tablet, mobile or desktop), select the language they need along with any specializations like medical, and then click call to get connected over an audio connection. 

Finding a phone interpreter really can be that easy. 

Is Over the Phone Interpretation Easier Than On-Site?

In short, the answer is that over the phone interpreting can be easier than on-site. If you have a consistent need of less than two hours at a time, OPI is a great option. 

On-site interpreters typically charge a minimum of two hours at a time (which can be extremely inconvenient for scenarios like routine check-ups). It is also typical for the requestor to pay any travel fees for the interpreter, which can be cost-prohibitive for rural areas. 

Another factor to consider when comparing the two modes is the diffusion of the language. If, for example, an indigenous language of lesser diffusion is required, then getting an on-site interpreter could mean a logistical nightmare.

“Except for in certain cases like having a staffed interpreter for a full-time need, OPI is usually a simpler, more cost-effective solution for interpretation requests.” 

What is the Cost of Over the Phone Interpreting?

interpreter running a phone interpretation session

One of the major advantages of over the phone interpretation is its low cost, especially when compared to on-site interpreting. OPI is great for those who want to save money both long and short term! 

At Boostlingo we go out of our way to understand and support our clients; during discovery sessions, we inquire how frequently the product will be used and what types of expertise and languages would be required. Monthly and per-minute pricing vary with our flexible membership choices, including rate reductions for bigger customers. 

*It is important to remember that each type of interpreting service has a distinct price. At Boostlingo, over the phone interpreting is one of our core services, so our prices are modeled on monthly subscriptions versus pricing for customers searching for on-site interpreting services, which will be substantially different. 

Boostlingo supports over 300, including 24/7 ASL and Spanish video and phone interpreting

On the Boostlingo interpretation management platform, you can get connected with over 13,000 interpreters all over the globe.Our services are unparalleled, and thanks to our team’s in-depth expertise in the field, we can put you in touch with the most qualified interpreters to assist you and your company in overcoming any language hurdles. 

Our team has the best quality assurance processes in the field, including daily placed random calls in the network to make sure interpreters are following our code of conduct. 

All languages, including more than 300 different ones, are supported for our OPI services via Boostlingo. We even offer 102 languages for phone interpreting 24/7 on-demand.  

Check our Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN) Supported Languages page for more information on the languages that we support. 

Industries That Use Over the Phone Interpreters

When we study industries that have required over-the-phone interpreting services, we may find a large list of industries that require vocal communication. Given the increasing globalization of organizations’ customer bases and workforces any company on the planet might profit from incorporating OPI interpretation into their regular operations. Boostlingo has worked with a number of these businesses and maintains close ties with our partners in a variety of sectors. 

Here are some of the industries we’ve worked with that we anticipate could benefit from phone interpreting platforms: 


Our healthcare providers often create a phone number for their most regularly used languages and simply post that number in care rooms to connect by providing professional and accurate over-the-phone interpretation services for medical consultations.


Legal interpreters on the platform must have at least three years of proven experience and 40 hours of training in the legal field.


High-quality phone interpreting services for educational facilities are an excellent alternative for incorporating interpreting into virtual or onsite parent-teacher conferences, school updates, or even community activities in your region.


For municipal meetings, community counseling, social work support, or any other publicly funded service, OPI is a cost effective choice. 

The Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network

On Demand Video Interpreters In 300+ Languages

Can’t meet demand with in-house interpreters? Prioritize your interpreters but rely on the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN) to serve your clients at all times. Short connection times and qualified video interpreters are just a click away. Click here to see a list of all supported languages for VRI.

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