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Microsoft Teams Integration

Connect to qualified interpreters inside of Microsoft Teams in seconds.

connect to an interpreter on MS teams

Get On-Demand Intepretation Services on Microsoft Teams Today:

How Boostlingo x Microsoft Teams Integration Works

Microsoft Teams users can connect to qualified interpreters through audio or video within seconds when integrated with Boostlingo.

MS teams intelligent routing
connect to interpreter within seconds
connect to interpreter within seconds


Access qualified and professional services.

With Boostlingo and Microsoft Teams, you can access interpreters in over 300 languages, including rare and indigenous ones. Powered by intelligent routing, connect with our professional network of over 17,000 interpreters, which follows a strict code of conduct to maintain quality and compliance.


Connect to interpreters in seconds.

When integrated with Boostlingo On-Demand, Microsoft Teams users can connect with qualified interpreters through video and phone (VRI and OPI) in seconds. Offer more language services or supplement onsite interpretation services when they are not the most efficient or affordable option.


Simplify language services.

Set up your staff with an easy-to-use app on your existing devices or choose dedicated hardware to fit your needs. Easily add new users with role-based permissions. And make decisions in real-time using actionable analytics.

Integrate Boostlingo On-Demand with Microsoft teams today.

Kickstart your journey to a more connected, accessible workplace.