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A Boostlingo Case Study

Orthopedic Institute

Meets growing demand for language services with real-time access to medical interpreters

orthopedic institute provided on-demand interpretation services to patients.


After the pandemic, the Orthopedic Institute saw a significant increase in the need for language services due to more diverse patients. The Director of Compliance sought an on-demand technology solution that could help immediately. They chose Boostlingo, which made connecting to qualified medical interpreters and communicating with patients who speak different languages easier.

The Challenge

he Orthopedic Institute started having more diverse patients who needed language support. What used to be an occasional need turned into something they needed every day. Language barriers made it hard to communicate, and often, patients appeared unexpectedly and required an interpreter immediately. The Institute lost money when patients who didn’t speak English missed their appointments. They also had to ensure they followed health privacy (HIPAA) and Affordable Care Act (ACA) laws.

The Solution

The Institute solved its language and scheduling problems with an on-demand interpretation solution. They could easily connect with a network of over 17,000 interpreters who speak more than 300 languages, changing how they communicate with patients. The video interpreting helped doctors and patients trust and understand each other better. Boostlingo worked well in many departments, such as physical therapy and billing, and enabled the Institute to be sure it met compliance standards.

"With Boostlingo, our Physicians hit their regulatory marks. They don’t have compliance knocking on the door, and it gives them an opportunity just to treat their patients. They don’t need to worry about anything else. This really checks off that box."

The Results

12.6 s
Average response time
Languages served in a year
Met regulatory requirements

Average Response Time

Before real-time access to medical interpreters on Boostlingo’s platform, interpretation support at the Institute was a source of constant frustration. Non-English speaking patients often arrive without prior notification of their language needs, leaving the team unable to provide care. Michelle recalled, “When a patient was in front of our doctors, we were at a loss. We couldn’t communicate to tell them, ‘I’m sorry, there’s no one here fluent in your language to assist during this critical visit.’” These appointments would often be postponed or canceled. 

Boostlingo lightened the burden of providing interpretation services at the Institute. It alleviated the financial strain of no-show appointments and the stress of unpredictable language needs. Michelle shared,” The move to on-demand, virtual interpretation was a game-changer. We now have quick and reliable access to interpreters in many languages, which has mitigated these challenges and allowed our staff and physicians to focus on what they do best-delivering quality care.” 

Beyond its introduction in the clinic, the versatility of on-demand interpretation became apparent as other departments and employees, ranging from financial to secretarial services and even medical assistants, began to adopt the solution. Its widespread application throughout the Institute attests to the platform’s adaptability and essential role in bridging communication gaps across various parts of the patient experience.” 

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