Real-time Interpreting for virtual, hybrid, and on-site meetings, conferences, trainings and other events.

Are you ready for simpler event interpretation?

BoostEvents is a virtual event platform that can help you reach your target audience in any language by providing precise event translation. Your team can use BoostEvents to streamline the process of adding interpreters to any of your events.

BoostEvents can provide virtual simultaneous interpretation services for online and hybrid meetings, events, conferences, trainings and more. Through our Connect integrations, BoostEvents can be used independently or easily integrated into Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms.

Global communication

Hybrid, onsite and virtual events, meetings and conference in any language, from any location.

Multilingual Chat

View and answer questions from your audience with our chat feature offering automatic translation.

Record in multiple languages

Offer a content library for your global audience with multilingual recording.

One Click Guest Access

Share a simple link for anyone to join your event without having to register.