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Boostlingo's National Cooperative Agreement

Providing interpretation technology and services through GOVMVMT

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Why a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement?

  • Facilitates procurement services for public agencies in the United States 
  • Offers access to contracts of products and services.  
  • Ensures compliance, preferred rates, and transparent processes. 
  • Provides administrative support across procurement process. 

Learn more: GOVMVMT – Cooperative Purchasing Organization 

How OPI is bridging the gap in rural communities

GOVMVMT Cooperative Purchasing Agreement

Boostlingo has been selected by Chesterfield County, VA for a national agreement through GOVMVMT to provide interpretation technology via the Cooperative Purchasing & Government Contracts. This National Contract (# ADMN2400412provides preferred rates and a streamlined purchasing process for eligible public agencies.

self-care for interpreters

Ease of Use

Easier procurement process for over 90,000 public agencies

Unified System

Ability to support manage all of your language access needs in one system

Cost Effective

Custom pricing models based on your agencies needs

On-Demand Services

Leverage remote interpreting with your own interpreters and rely on the Boostlingo Hub to fill in the gaps

Contracted Services

Boostlingo enhances language access and multilingual communications with innovative technology. Our solutions include on-demand Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) and Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), interpreter management, simultaneous interpretation, multilingual events, and AI captioning and translations. Comprehensive language support includes translation services and the management of on-site interpreters.

Human Interpretation

Connect instantly with the largest global network of on-demand interpreters. 


Request translation services for comprehensive language support.

Interpretation Management

Interpretation Management System enables interpreter scheduling, secure communications, analytics, and billing in one place.

Registration Process

To purchase under this agreement, eligible agencies must first register with GOVMVMT. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Complete the form to notify us of your interest in participating.
  2.  A team member will reach out to you to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and implementation process.
  3. GOVMVMT requires you to complete their online registration process to become a Participating Public Agency within 30 days of your agreement with Boostlingo.

Fill out the form below to register today!