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Boostlingo ii Release 3.96.4 Out Now!

boostlingo ii release notes

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Introducing release 3.96.4 of Boostlingo ii! We’re excited to unveil this range of quality-of-life improvements, making your scheduling and management tasks just a little bit easier.

Interpreter View Update

Interpreters are now able to accept or decline jobs all from a single view. When creating a booking, Requestors now have access to search consumers by date or birth, and see all relevant consumer profile data from the new “Edit Consumers” modal.

Third-Party Meeting Links

Have some third party meeting links on a job for Zoom or Google Meets? Well now all those secure links will be clickable and navigate the user to their intended destination in their default browser.

Security Update

At Boostlingo, we prioritize maintaining a secure system for users and patient health data. With this release, Boostlingo ii now scans all uploaded files for malware to block any potential threats to the system and patient data. Security will always be our priority, and we’ll have more related updates coming soon.

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