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What features have we added to our Boostlingo IMS platform in 2022?


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Boostlingo IMS is our interpretation management suite that allows you to automate your scheduling process, interpreter & client communications, process payables and receivables, and host virtual interpretation calls, all in one single platform.

The Boostlingo IMS suite consists of 2 technology platforms: Boostlingo IMS and Boostlingo ii. Boostlingo IMS is generally the preferred interpretation management system for small to medium-sized business while Boostlingo ii (formerly Interpreter Intelligence) is the preferred interpretation management system for enterprises.

Over time, both interpretation management systems will become one as we gradually combine the best of both platforms. Today, both solutions already integrate with the Boostlingo Hub, Boostlingo’s network of on-demand video and phone interpreters.

As we near the end of 2022, let’s review some of the top features that were released on both Boostlingo IMS and Boostlingo ii over the last year.

Boostlingo IMS

1) Webex Integration

One major integration we announced this year was our integration with Webex. Webex hosts over 8 billion calls every month, making it one of the most widely adopted videoconferencing solutions in the world. Our product and development team did some amazing work to make the Boostlingo caller available in the Webex app library. Active Boostlingo customers can simply open Boostlingo within Webex, and when they enter the Webex meeting number and access code in our caller, an interpreter from the Boostlingo Hub will be added to the meeting in Webex to provide language support.

2) Stripe Integration

Boostlingo’s mission has always been to expand language access and improve global communication. To support that mission, we need to remove barriers to language access. By building our integration with Stripe, a payments platform, we can now enable users to offer prepaid subscriptions to their clients for both prescheduled and on demand calls. This pay-as-you-go approach will make it easier and faster for low-frequency end-users to get language access.

3) Interpreter Training

Agencies that use Boostlingo don’t just use our products to manage their organization and provide language access, they also use our platform to manage their own workforce. Whether agencies work with in-house interpreters or contractors, onboarding interpreters, training interpreters and providing continuous training to their workforce is a lot to handle. To help lighten the load, Boostlingo IMS now allows users to schedule internal appointments for interpreter training. Users can build a training curriculum, track interpreters’ progress, and green-light interpreters when they’re ready to take calls.

Boostlingo ii

1) BPIN integration

Boostlingo ii (formerly Interpreter Intelligence) is the interpreter management system of choice for enterprises. When II became part of the Boostlingo product suite, one of our biggest priorities was making the Boostlingo Hub available within II. Now, customers that can’t meet demand with in-house interpreters can rely on the Hub to provide language access to their clients at all times. As we continue to build the world’s most complete interpretation management system, building the integration with the Hub was a crucial piece of the puzzle.

2) Custom Email Templates

Boostlingo ii has always been the most complete and customizable interpretation management system on the market. As we all know, one major piece of the interpretation lifecycle is client communications. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to enable customers to customize the content and timing of our automated email communications. This year, we took it even further. Customers can now create fully custom templates for each of their clients to provide the best level of service possible.

3) StreamText integration

Many Boostlingo ii customers, particularly organizations that provide services to the deaf and hard of hearing, also provide captioning. StreamText is a real-time captioning solution used by captioners, CART and court reporting service providers. With Boostlingo ii, customers can now schedule captioning jobs. We built our integration with StreamText so our platform can create projects directly in StreamText with the necessary data, along with a link to connect to a StreamText event.

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