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Boostlingo ii Release 3.97 Out Now!

boostlingo ii release notes

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New Scheduled and On-Demand Language List Controls

In the upcoming version of Boostlingo ii, we have added new toggles to the language list page that allow agencies even greater flexibility when customizing their language support. Moving forward, agencies will be able to independently enable languages for scheduled jobs, internal on-demand OPI and VRI jobs, and BPIN on-demand OPI and VRI jobs. These new toggles will be compatible with existing settings, requiring no action to be taken by our customers.

Other Improvements:

  • New Company Configuration to switch between 2 or 3 decimal tax rounding behavior
  • New Recently Modified Condition on the Manage Jobs query builder
  • New View Additional Consumers functionality in the Job Summary section on the Assignment page
  • New Confirmation popup when deleting a Saved Search
  • Numerous minor bug fixes and quality of life improvements

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