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A Boostlingo Case Study


Hosted a virtual conference for 150 participants in 3 languages using Boostlingo Events

EvalYouth using Boostlingo's multilingual events platform


EvalYouth helps young and emerging evaluators become leaders in their field worldwide. It started in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2015. They wanted to host a virtual conference for over 150 people in English, Spanish, and French. Boostlingo Events helped them host a six-hour event with ten speakers in these languages using remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI). The platform allowed them to create separate language channels and to save on costs, unlike expensive in-person conference interpretation.

The Challenge

From 2016 to 2018, EvalYouth aimed to hold international conferences for young evaluators to exchange knowledge and best practices. Engaging as many participants as possible was necessary, and a cost-effective solution for communicating in different languages was a top priority. They chose virtual conferences as the best approach. The main challenge was hosting their first online conference for over 150 global participants in various languages.

The Solution

EvalYouth used the Boostlingo Events platform to host and simultaneously engage 150 participants in English, Spanish, and French. The platform’s multi-channel interpretation and features built for multilingual participation proved the perfect choice. BoostEvents was the right choice with its multi-language support. Their 6-hour event with ten speakers cost less than flying two speakers to a live conference. Offering multiple languages increased engagement by 34%.

"The success of the event was phenomenal. More than 150 participants were able to participate and interact in three languages. This is a fabulous lesson in efficiency and effectiveness, especially in light of the diverse and rich content the conference offered. "

The Results

Languages available
Increase in engagement

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