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A Boostlingo Case Study

Plan International Canada

Ran planning event in three languages with over 100 attendees onsite with limited space


Plan International Canada needed an affordable but good-quality service for interpreting three languages simultaneously for a strategic planning event. Despite limited onsite space, the Boostlingo Events remote simultaneous interpretation platform worked well, helping 100 people communicate smoothly in three languages. The easy-to-use service and excellent support made the event a success. Adam Graham, Director, was happy with the smooth operation and support for multilingual communication.

The Challenge

Plan International Canada had to hold an onsite planning meeting with employees from different countries speaking English, French, and Spanish. With a small budget and limited space, they needed a way to allow everyone to understand each other without extra booths or equipment. The solution also had to be easy for everyone to use. The meeting’s success depended on solving these space, budget, and language issues.

The Solution

The multilingual event platform with separate language channels made it easy for 100 people speaking different languages to participate in a strategic planning event. It was easy to use and set up, with participants listening using personal devices. This affordable, high-quality service helped Plan International Canada meet its goals. The good results made them want to use Boostlingo Events for future meetings as a vital tool for multilingual event communication.

"We weren’t really sure how to bring together interpretation services on a platform that people could use with ease, and I think that was kind of the big selling point with Boostlingo Events is that it was a seamless, easy-to-use platform."

The Results

Attendees from 4 countries
Languages interpreted
Planning to use again

With its unique ability to enable simultaneous interpretation in three languages, the multilingual event platform transformed a challenge into an opportunity. This feature, the user-friendly interface, and exceptional customer support streamlined the process for Adam and his team. The onsite setup, which eliminated the need for physical interpretation booths, was a game-changer in overcoming logistical constraints.    

The high-quality and cost-effective solution provided by Boostlingo Events was instrumental in the success of Plan International Canada’s strategic planning meeting. The positive experience and achieving their objectives reinforced their decision to continue using the platform for future meetings. They recognized it as an invaluable asset for their organization’s internal communication. 

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