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Interpretation for Online Conferences

With Boostlingo Events, host online conferences that need live interpretation in any language to engage large audiences.

Why Boostlingo Events?

With our multilingual events platform, Boostlingo Events can assist if you are hosting online conferences that need live interpretation to engage a large audience in any language.

Our platform was created specifically to let you host conferences that welcome participants from all over the world, including presenters, interpreters, and sizable audiences.

The platform includes the following unique features to enhance the experience of online conferences:

  • Perfect for Online Conferences
  • Multilingual Polling
  • Apps Access
  • Breakout Rooms

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With the aid of a virtual event platform, users may simply host virtual conferences, meetings, webinars, and other events. Boostlingo Events distinguishes itself from the competition by providing remote simultaneous interpretation capabilities not seen in traditional video conferencing software.

Other Event Platforms:

Boostlingo Events Platform:

Suitable Layout for Online Conferences

Each user can control their own experience thanks to Boostlingo Events’ customizable user interface.

Online conference attendees can view multiple speakers at once while listening to the presentation thanks to multi-video layouts.

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Multilingual Polling for Rapid Audience Feedback

The online conference allows presenters to ask multiple-choice polling questions at any time.

The multilingual polling feature enables conference planners to quickly gather feedback from their large audience and can be pre-programmed or created on-the-fly. 

The multilingual polling feature of Boostlingo Events, which is available in any language, is a great way for you to involve more people during big online conferences.

Breakout Rooms and Work Groups

The iOS and Android-compatible Boostlingo Events app allow attendees to join online conferences held on the Boostlingo Events platform.

Attendees will be able to listen in their preferred language even if they are unable to connect to the conference through a computer in this way.

Participants can use the app to view the translated presentations and listen to each presentation in their preferred language.

Frequently asked questions

Formerly known as VoiceBoxer, Boostlingo Events is a multilingual virtual event platform built to assist you in reaching your target language in any language. Using Boostlingo Events benefits your team by simplifying the process of adding certified interpreters into any of your future virtual conferences. 

By providing remote simultaneous interpreting services for virtual and hybrid meetings, events, conferences and training, Boostlingo Events makes it easier for you to connect with anyone across the world. 

In today’s world, advertising events or conferences online is the ideal approach to contact your target audience or any possible clients with whom you desire to do business. Our simple virtual conference platform, Boostlingo Events makes it simple.

Boostlingo Events was intended to provide you with the ability to communicate in an endless number of languages with absolutely no delay. Our instant interpretation differentiates itself from the competition by utilizing the very few organizations in the industry today that do what we do.

Our Features Include:

  • Outstanding interpreter interface
  • Accessibility For captions and sign language
  • Excellent client service and support
  • Completely safe and secure
  • Meetings can be recorded
  • There are no restrictions on the number of presenters or the size of the audience

When deciding whether or not to have an online conference, keep in mind that doing so increases attendance rates. This is often recognized as one of the most popular advantages of having a virtual conference since it is available from any device, browser, and location in the globe.

Virtual events allow you to reach a larger audience without requiring them to spend a large portion of their budget on trip accommodations, resulting in a high attendance rate and a bigger trade off.

Additional advantages of hosting your conference virtually include:

Unlimited Capacity

We don’t limit our clients’ participation in our conference platform at Boostlingo Events. Your online conference may accommodate any number of people, including places and possibilities for extra essential speakers and sponsors with whom you intend to collaborate.

Cost Effective

Organizing a physical conference can incur a slew of expenses, including travel expenses, venue reservations, and parking. Furthermore, the quantity of carbon footprint that people would consume in order to attend your event. Hosting your conference online eliminates the majority of these expenditures, allowing you to save money for future conferences throughout the year!

Flexibility and Convenience

Virtual conferences are more likely to be shorter than typical in-person conferences, including networking time and anything else that may put you on a time pressure. When you use Boostlingo Events to hold your next online conference, your participants will be able to browse your information at their own leisure. We also record conferences so that individuals who are unable to attend in person may absorb the information at their leisure.

Sophisticated Data

Many virtual conference platforms have extensive data collecting and reporting capabilities, such as the ability to simply count the number of participants in each session, track leads for sponsors, and show who interacted with what material and for how long – frequently in real time.

There are certain variations between the two notions to bear in mind as you go with the transitional process behind your preparation if you are an event organizer considering the action of shifting your in-person conferences to a virtual platform.

By 2022, 26% of American workers will be doing so remotely. By 2025, 36.2 million American workers are anticipated to be relocating. 40% of employees think that working from home during the epidemic has increased their productivity compared to working in an office. A full 16% of American businesses operate remotely.

While attending In-Person conferences offer a great deal of experience, meaning a new location, meeting new people face to face and even digesting information in person is different than online. 

You cannot avoid the face that virtual conference platforms can help you attend conferences from anywhere, even at the comfort of your own home! This provides an entirely new experience, not necessarily a complete replacement of the real thing. 

Bring conferences digitally makes it possible to communicate with different participants and has the access to divide attendees into groups and spaces which definitely saves time of rounding people up rather than waiting for groups to settle in.

The ground-breaking factor that makes Boostlingo Event’s stand out from not only its competitors, but in-person conferences is the access to accurate event interpretation.

Boostlingo Events has a plethora of certified interpreters at every event making it easy for attendees who don’t speak the language being spoken can follow along perfectly. With our interpreting option, we grant you the access to switch languages if needed.

Also, with in-person conferences it’s hard for everyone to get a word in, Boostlingo Events is crafted specifically for attendees to participate along with key speakers and event organizers.