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Interpretation for Online Meetings

If you are hosting online meetings that require interpretation, Boostlingo Events can help!

Why Boostlingo Events?

Boostlingo Events can help ensure engagement in any language from anywhere in the world if you are hosting online meetings with live interpretation to engage a multilingual audience.

Our platform was created specifically for meetings with participants from all over the world, and it includes the following special features to improve the online meeting experience:

  • Gallery View
  • Screen Sharing
  • Presentation in Any Language
  • Build for Interpreters

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With the aid of a virtual event platform, users may simply host virtual conferences, meetings, webinars, and other events. Boostlingo Events distinguishes itself from the competition by providing remote simultaneous interpretation capabilities not seen in traditional video conferencing software.

Other Event Platforms:

Boostlingo Events Platform:

Layout Perfectly Made for Online Meetings

Boostlingo Events’s “Gallery View” customized layout option suits online meetings as it allows your participants to see multiple speakers at your meeting.

The customizable user interface ensures maximum speaker engagement. Boostlingo Events allows each user to customize their own experience while enjoying the interactivity with the other speakers.

Whether in a meeting format with structured moderation where the moderator controls the speaking floor or an open meeting.

grow your LSP business with Boostlingo interpretation management system.

Presentation in Any Language

Participants can follow the visual presentation materials in their preferred language in addition to listening to the remote simultaneous interpretation.

This provides participants with a fully integrated multilingual experience in your online meetings and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings.

Provide your clients with translated presentations to ensure that the message is received by a larger audience in all languages.


If your client wishes to show animations, videos, or other media, speakers can use Boostlingo Events’ screen-sharing feature.

A speaker can share whatever information from their screen they want during the online meeting by pressing a button.

Frequently asked questions

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic brought global business travel and in-person meetings to a halt. As meetings and events moved from in-person to online, online meeting platforms became the new normal. Business and meetings are returning to the way they were but practices like online meetings and video remote interpreting have stuck around.
We believe this is because the advantages of online meetings are clear.

Online meetings help cut travel costs and virtual conference platforms that host them are easy to download and use for many kinds of meetings. Scheduling is also more effective online and there is no need to book a physical space.
With in-person meetings being reduced the amount of carbon emitting travel is also lowered. The environmental impact of meetings is lessened when they take place online.

The technology involved with online meetings make meetings more effective and accessible. Meetings can be easily recorded and shared. Helpful for those who want to review information or couldn’t make it. With Remote Simultaneous Interpretation and Event Interpreting, online meetings allow more people from different backgrounds to participate and be involved.

Overall, the advantages of online meetings are that they allow many types of meetings to take place at your company and they help communication be more productive and accessible.

Boostlingo Events can help ensure engagement in any language from anywhere in the world if you are hosting online meetings with remote simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. Our Online Meeting platform was created specifically for meetings with participants from all over the world and it allows you to engage a multilingual audience. 

But what kinds of meetings can you host with Boostlingo Events? 

Normal Online Meetings 

Host your normal online meetings using Boostlingo Events and take advantage of our customized “Gallery View” layout option to allow your participants to see multiple speakers at once. Speakers can also share their screen to show animations, video, or other media. 


Reach a broader webinar audience of up to 5000 attendees supported by live voice interpretation. Participants can follow the visual presentation material in their preferred language in addition to listening to the interpretation.  

Online Conferences 

Host global virtual conferences with live online voice interpretation using the participants’ preferred languages. Take advantage of a fully integrated multilingual experience and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings. 

Each user can control their own experience thanks to Boostlingo Events’ customizable user interface. Online conference attendees can view multiple speakers at once while listening to the presentation thanks to multi-video layouts. 

The online conference allows presenters to ask multiple-choice polling questions at any time and get rapid audience feedback. 

Hybrid Events 

Do you already have a preferred virtual meeting platform? Boostlingo Events can make any platform multilingual with layered integration, allowing you to attend on any platform and access interpretation with the click of a button.  

On-Site Events 

Boostlingo Events is not just for online meetings. Our online meeting platform is customizable for any configuration and is able to serve onsite events with an out-of-the box solution that saves time and money for your company. The platform comes with features like mobile app support, virtual booths, and live support to maximize the onsite experience of your event. 

Online meetings can be a cause for stress in remote workers. New technology can be difficult to learn, and technical issues are not uncommon. Our customer service and flexible platform build the perfect bridge for remote workers and their work. They no longer have to worry about the stresses created by online meetings and can make the most of their virtual work experience. Our online meeting platform’s remote-friendly features include:

Supreme Customer Service

Boostlingo Events experts provide complete customer service and technical support, enabling remote workers to make full use of online meetings. We ensure that all participants are trained and comfortable when using the Boostlingo Events platform, and support is reachable if there is ever an issue.

Intuitive and Familiar Interface

Our intuitive platform has popular features from other virtual meeting platforms. Features like screen sharing, customizable backgrounds, and breakout rooms will help you run productive meetings. Boostlingo Events’ familiar interface also helps remote workers feel right at home. They can jump right in and make the most of their remote work experience.

Highly Customizable

Boostlingo Events can be used independently or integrated with other systems like Zoom, Skype, and Teams. It’s as adaptable as you need it to be, with many configurations and use cases. The Boostlingo Events flexible system will help you optimize a configuration for your specific needs, and remote workers can make full use of online meetings.

Boostlingo Events online virtual meetings are fully secure and unhackable. We ensure privacy and confidentiality through our contract agreement, which includes thorough confidentiality clauses. We also have contracts with our interpreters (if we provide them) to ensure that no details about the events are ever shared with other parties.

Moreover, each event has a unique key/ID, which will initially be available only to the event creator and individuals entrusted by the event creator. User login credentials and event analytics are the only types of data stored in our database after the event has ended. Rest assured, we can delete all the data upon request! Boostlingo Events is a secure virtual meeting platform that you can rely on for your next event or webinar.