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A Boostlingo Case Study

Hanesbrands Inc.

Ran eight training programs in five simultaneous languages once a year using Boostlingo Events

running training programs in 5 languages with Boostlingo Events for translation and interpretation services.


HanesBrands Inc. launched a global anti-bribery program and needed to train vendors worldwide in various languages. They chose Boostlingo Events to deliver multilingual training online with live simultaneous interpretation and translated slides, communicating complex topics clearly in several languages. Stephanie holds these training sessions 5-8 times a year in 3-5 languages for three regions, ensuring vendors understand crucial compliance details.

The Challenge

Stephanie wanted to add online training to Hanesbrands’ global anti-bribery program, but no suitable translation services were available for the young online meeting platform market. They could have been more effective for communicating messages in multiple languages simultaneously. She needed a better solution for hosting a multilingual online training.

The Solution

HanesBrands Inc. uses Boostlingo Events multilingual event platform to run online training in multiple languages at once. They set up individual language channels so global vendors can easily engage in their spoken language. Vendors not only hear the presentation in their preferred language, but also get to read translated materials and engage with localized chat and polls.

"Having interpreters there and being able to speak in your audience’s language – first language – makes all the difference in the world in their complete understanding of the material"

The Results

Annual training sessions
Languages simultaneously
Multilingual communication

Boostlingo Events, when integrated into the compliance training program, yielded tangible benefits. Stephanie witnessed a positive response from international vendors, with training programs conducted 5-8 times annually, typically in 3-5 languages. The tool significantly improved understanding, enhancing the overall training experience.  

This not only enhanced the understanding of the material but also boosted the confidence of Stephanie’s team.   

Stephanie reflected, “When training, you want to communicate effectively. Otherwise, you’re not getting out of it what you want. But I think that being in the compliance field, I want to ensure that the audience understands what I’m telling them about the requirements. So, to effectively do that, they need to hear it in their language so there’s no miscommunication or misunderstanding.”  

The results were precise – BoostEvents and Hanesbrands Inc. partnership created practical online, multilingual compliance training. 

The successful implementation of the platform was beneficial for the vendors, who better understood the compliance requirements, and for Stephanie’s team at Hanes, who could communicate their messages effectively. Stephanie summarized her experience, “I would highly recommend being able to use a tool like this, where you can use an interpreter and have your slides presented to your audience in their language.” 

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