A Unified Language Interpretation Platform

Simply put, Boostlingo unifies all of the technology and workflow components required to support the management and coordination of all your interpretation-related tasks, such as on-site interpreter appointment scheduling, management of on-demand and scheduled over-the-phone (OPI) and video remote interpreting (VRI) sessions, and all of the ancillary business analytics and business administrative tools that you will require to get the job done!

You can now manage your complete interpreting business from start to finish in a single location. With Boostlingo, you can assure that your clients are connected to the greatest interpreting technology solution on the market now, as well as one that is future proofed for the markets you will need to serve in the future.

…but what exactly do we mean by “Unified Platform”?

Interpretation Management System (IMS)

Boostlingo’s Interpretation Management System is a robust platform that simplifies and enhances interpretation services. It streamlines the process of requesting and coordinating interpretation sessions, connecting clients with qualified interpreters.

With support for various interpretation modes, such as over-the-phone and video, Boostlingo ensures seamless communication across industries. Its user-friendly interface, accessible via web and mobile, offers features like scheduling, assignment management, and real-time collaboration.

The system also provides reporting and analytics capabilities for tracking usage and optimizing resources. Boostlingo’s IMS revolutionizes interpretation services for efficient and effective language communication.

Interpretation Scheduling System (ISS)

Boostlingo’s interpretation scheduling system simplifies and enhances the process of scheduling interpreting sessions. It enables clients to request an interpreter online, matching them with qualified interpreters based on language skills, specialization, and availability.

With Boostlingo, managing in-person interpreting appointments of any volume becomes effortless. The system’s intelligent appointment logistics can handle a range of business sizes, from small-scale to large-scale, supporting a handful to hundreds of appointments each month.

Granular appointment details and user-friendly filtering options allow easy navigation and help interpretation businesses stay on track for growth.

The Intelligence Scheduling System