Interpretation Scheduling System (ISS)

Grow your business with our interpretation scheduling system.

The Boostlingo interpretation scheduling system allows for easy management of both onsite and virtual interpreters. Automate request workflows to assign certain languages to certain interpreters, auto-notify your whole team when an appointment is requested, and more.

Our interpreter scheduling system is built to help growing language service providers book more appointments and cut down on administrative time. Our data even integrates with Quickbooks to help your whole team streamline operations.

Advanced Scheduling Systems for Onsite Interpretation Services

The Boostlingo interpreter scheduling system  allows you to manage all of your in-person interpreting appointments at any volume. With intelligent appointment logistics, Boostlingo can support any size of onsite interpreting business from a handfuls to hundreds of appointments each month.

Access to granular detail for any appointment and easy filtering options help you navigate to the right data in your schedule so you can stay on track with to grow your interpretation business.

Scheduled Over the Phone and Video Remote Interpreting

Boostlingo has created the first fully integrated Scheduled OPI and Scheduled VRI system to support all of your pre-scheduled remote interpreting requests.  The interpretation scheduling system provides management for successful pre-scheduled Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) sessions.

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