Interpretation Delivery Platform (IDP)

Intuitive Interpretation Delivery by Design

Offer your clients direct connection to a video remote interpreter or over the phone interpreter with the click of a button. Our easy-to-use interpretation platform allows for on-demand connections or hosting for your prescheduled interpretation appointments.

Language Interpretation Video and Audio Services

Boostlingo delivers control over our High Definition Video and Audio routing technology through a simple easy to navigate interface. Language Organizations can easily track and manage all call quality (QOS) metrics, call length times, interpreter ratings, rates, and run detailed call reports to ensure performance, quality and continuity.

What makes Boostlingo unique is that the platform allows you to route audio and video calls directly to your own firewalled team of interpreters. In addition, additional video remote interpreters and over-the-phone interpreters are available when you flip the switch and connect with the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network. Scale up to 10,000 interpreters overnight by using our Partner Network.

Advanced Call Routing Customization

Language service providers define how customer calls are routed, and set priority tiers with different video remote interpreters and over-the-phone interpreters, as well as onsite interpreters in their own pool. Boostlingo’s intelligent call routing technology can handle complex logic for your call flow and automate your scheduling system.

Robust Mobile Applications

Boostlingo allows potential customers to get connected on any device, at any time with support for iOS and Android applications as well as Web Applications. Get connected on a mobile or tablet. We even offer a boostcart bundle for hospital and healthcare medical interpretation.