• VoiceBoxer simplifies live Voice Translation

BoostEvents Simplifies Live Voice Translation

Boostlingo offers a fully integrated multilingual event experience with live voice translation and simultaneous language interpretation.

With BoostEvents, participants can experience the full multilingual event with simultaneous interpretation and live voice translation.

The simultaneous use of live interpretation and translated user interfaces ensures that the message reaches a wider audience in all languages, whether they are actively listening to the event or viewing it visually.

With BoostEvents closed captioning feature, users can view a text version of the speaker’s words live on the screen, or turn off captioning to only listen in.

VoiceBoxer Features Interpretation

Combining Voice Interpretation With Our Unique Translation Features

Integrating Live Interpretation and Accurate Voice Translation Together

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning combined with our auto-translated chat message function allows participants to chat, have Q&A’s and follow the event via video display in their preferred language. This in-app multilingual experience is ideal for events with a large number of participants speaking different languages. Users will not miss a single comment thanks to translation and simultaneous interpretation.

Translatable Presentations

Employ our live voice translation feature in close collaboration with translatable presentations. Participants can follow the translated presentations while viewing the text version of the event’s audio on their device’s visual display.

Translatable Presentations
Online Translatable Presentations

Simultaneous Interpretation

Our simultaneous interpretation goes hand in hand with live voice translation. Participants can listen to the interpretation or watch the closed captioning visually displayed on their screen — all in their preferred language, of course.

We Can Also Help You With

Recruitment Of Interpreters for Your Specific Events

BoostEvents is built to allow you to layer your expert language services on our technology. If you need a specialized language pair, we will work with you to find the right professionals.

Supreme Customer Service

BoostEvents experts provide complete customer service and technical support before, during, and after your event. We meet all commercial and business needs by ensuring that all interpreters, speakers, and other participants are trained and comfortable using the BoostEvents platform.

Event Creation and Participant Registration for Larger Events

BoostEvents can be configured to enable guest access for open events or pre-registration for private events. Please let us know what you require, and we will assist you in setting it up.

Experience Our Voice Translation on App For iOS And Android

Via the BoostEvents app for iOS and Android, attendees at your hybrid events can join. Users of the BoostEvents mobile app can follow the translated presentations and listen to the live event interpretation in any language of their choice.

Our mobile interpretation tool lowers the expense and demand for specific equipment for audiences, guaranteeing that the attendance experience is strong whether they are present in person or online.

Connect BoostEvents to Any Other Software

The BoostEvents platform is easy to integrate with any onsite hardware or virtual meeting software. Our team will listen to your unique requirements and use the BoostEvents Connect flexible system to facilitate a customized configuration that ensures your hybrid events work seamlessly.

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