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Cuts Costs and Improved Internal Workflows

A BoostOnDemand Case Study

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Gold Skin Care significantly improved its workflow by adopting BoostOnDemand for virtual interpreting services. The shift allowed them to utilize existing tablets instead of limiting interpreting to phone-equipped rooms, which had previously disrupted operations. The new system also brought about financial benefits: by purchasing a block of hours each month, they were able to save about $12,000 per year.

With BoostOnDemand, Gold Skin Care experienced enhanced staff satisfaction, and seamless patient experiences, and noted that 80% of LEP patients returned for follow-up visits.

The Challenge

Before BoostOnDemand, Gold Skin Care faced challenges with its phone-based interpreting service which was causing operational bottlenecks. Since not every room was equipped with a hard-wired phone, they had to carefully choose which room to assign to patients based on phone availability. This created considerable interruptions in their workflow and was not cost-effective, as they paid for each call.

Additionally, the COO, Chris Bergstrom, identified that they were underutilizing their existing tablets, which every medical assistant already used for logging patient data.

The Results

Following the implementation of BoostOnDemand, Gold Skin Care observed significant improvements in its operations and cost efficiencies. The virtual interpreting platform facilitated seamless patient experiences and increased staff satisfaction by allowing medical assistants to connect with interpreters from any room through their tablets.

Importantly, this change resulted in approximately $12,000 in annual savings for the practice, amounting to an estimated $60,000 over five years. Additionally, the practice saw an increase in LEP patient return rates, with over 80% of LEP patients attending follow-up visits, slightly ahead of non-LEP patients.

“I think it all comes down to ease of use. Boostlingo is literally the click of 2 buttons on a tablet and you have access to an interpreter. In a fast-paced environment, that was the key in making sure Boostlingo was the best fit for us. Our staff could carry a little cheat sheet with steps to access the system from their tablet and we also put instructions next to each phone in the office.”

Chris Bergstrom Chief Operating Officer, Gold Skin Care

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About Gold Skin Care

Gold Skin Care Center, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is a premier medical and cosmetic dermatology practice. They are a fast-paced practice that treats significant numbers of limited English proficiency (LEP) patients every month.

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