Healthcare and Telemedicine

Advancing Language Access across the Healthcare technology spectrum

In most healthcare related situations, clear and concise communication is a pre-requisite if you want to effectively treat and care for your patient – also in most places – access to interpretation services is compulsory and compliance mandated. With over 46 million people in the United States speaking a language other than English, the demand for qualified medical interpreters is now greater than ever.

Boostlingo offers the complete solution for language access for Healthcare Organizations. The Boostlingo Unified Platform helps healthcare providers reduce their medical interpretation costs by combining: Video Remote Interpreting, Over-the-Phone Interpreting, and traditional On-Site Scheduling services for full end-to-end coverage on any language need of any complexity as it may arise.

VRI support is a rapidly growing option for healthcare providers to consider where Onsite interpretation services may not be the most efficient ( time or cost wise) option.

Boostlingo’s advanced VRI system seamlessly connects Limited English Proficiency Patients with medical interpreters quickly and securely. Access to professionally qualified medical interpreters ensures that the patient experience will be successful and properly communicated.  Boostlingo VRI sessions can dramatically reduce costs by shortening interpretation durations with effective communication that is contextually very similar to onsite support while also eliminating wait times and potentially high travel expenses.