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BoostEvents is our multilingual events delivery platform that allows you to add remote simultaneous interpretation services to virtual or hybrid meetings, events, conferences, trainings and more.

As we aim to build the most multilingual and interpretation-friendly RSI platform in the world, BoostEvents is an ever-evolving events platform. Let’s review some of the most prominent features that were recently released.

Mobile-Friendly UI

BoostEvents can now be used on any mobile device. Event participants can easily join the event on their smartphone and engage in the chat, polls, breakout rooms, and if necessary, they can also contact the BoostEvents support team directly from their mobile phone.

Responsive Video Layout

Our UI team has worked hard to make sure event participants have the smoothest and most intuitive experience on BoostEvents. To support these efforts, our team has made sure the video layout smoothly transitions to reflect the increasing amount of participants on an event.

Blurred Backgrounds

BoostEvents now also supports blurred backgrounds to protect the privacy  of your speakers and interpreters. Participants can also choose among many custom backgrounds so you can make people believe you’re at a tropical beach instead of your tool shed.

Arabic Interface

BoostEvents has been localized in many left-to-right reading languages, but with right-to-left reading, Arabic localization presented a unique challenge for our team. Today, we’re pleased to announce the BoostEvents interface supports Arabic localization as well.

Video Sharing

You’ve heard of screen sharing, yes, but what about video sharing? Presenters can now upload and share videos to engage audiences even more and to break up lengthy spoken presentations.

Improved Presentation Controls

With BoostEvents, you may already know that slides can be translated into the language of the participant. Our latest update, however, focuses on the presenter itself: they can now preview the next slide to avoid awkwardly going back-and-forth between slides.

Breakout Rooms v2

BoostEvents has had support for breakout rooms for a long time. We’ve now also made considerable improvements to breakout notifications. Event organizers can now easily send notifications to one or multiple breakout rooms at the same time.

Updates for Nerds

For the nerds among us, we’ve also done a lot of work behind the scenes. We’ve implemented an RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) output, which allows us to split data streams into fragments when streaming to other platforms, which enables the transmission of higher amounts of data and lowers stream latency. We’ve also made big upgrades to our node.js and react.js environments and we’ve started the process of moving to a majority AWS-based infrastructure.

If you’re interested in seeing these updates in action, please get in touch with our team for a live demo of the BoostEvents platform.

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