Intelligent Call Routing System for Interpreters

Intelligent Routing is at the core of our very own propriety routing engine. Thanks to the capabilities of our call routing system, we’re able to connect our partners with the right interpreters.

Manage Your Staff Interpreters With Ease

Our interpreter management system is powered by intelligent routing. No matter what your situation is, rest assured that you’ll connect with the appropriate interpreter.

Access Qualified Interpreters Through The BPIN  

Does your hospital require more support? Integrate your internal system with the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN) to connect with a vast network of qualified interpreters.

Fast and Seamless Connection Times

With an average response time of 13.8 seconds, our intelligent routing call system will connect you with a fitting interpreter quickly.


“The whole thing is streamlined. I don’t have to send texts out to interpreters, it’s much easier to automate that process now. Also, the phone and video access is so simple. It’s just a call and a pin.”

Lynn Fors

Founder and Executive Director, Access Language Solutions

“Choosing Boostlingo has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. We were searching for a comprehensive solution and their innovative system is helping us take our business to the next level.”

Chris Evans

Executive Director of Operations – Maven Language Solutions

“Over the years, Boostlingo has become a very mature platform with lots of features and great performance. We started with about ten interpreters and we currently have more than a thousand interpreters loaded on Boostlingo. The platform’s scalability is superb. Communication is seamless (both VRI and OPI) and updates keep coming out non-stop. The staff is super friendly – it’s a pleasure to work with Caroline, Jon, and the rest of the Boostlingo staff. Keep up the good work Boost!”

Enrique Manzo,

FAQs On Intelligent Routing

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Call Routing for Interpreters

Intelligent routing is a technology that guides messages or calls to the right place, department, or person based on specific information. Through comprehensive data analysis, intelligent routing systems can make informed decisions as to who can answer a query best. 

Today, intelligent call routing systems are used across different industries since the technology enables them to direct client inquiries to agents who can best resolve their needs. This results in faster response times, improved operational efficiency, and end-user satisfaction.

When integrated properly, utilizing call routing software will offer a wide array of benefits. Since the technology will make data-driven decisions, this ensures that tasks and internal resources are properly allocated.

From an organizational standpoint, this results in improved operational efficiency, cost reduction, increased call fulfillment, and more.

Companies across different industries have much to benefit from intelligent routing. Generally, IR systems are heavily used by call centers and customer support teams since the technology enables callers to get in touch with the most suitable agents.

Additionally, financial institutions, logistics companies, retail brands, and the like also have much to benefit from this technology since they also deal with a high volume of customer inquiries.

But setting these organizations aside, healthcare centers arguably have the most to gain from intelligent routing. Given that hospitals are dealing with an increasing number of non-English speaking patients, this trend greatly emphasizes the need for on-demand interpretation services.

Due to the functionalities of intelligent routing, healthcare providers can quickly get in touch with the appropriate interpreter leading to improved treatment quality.

Improved Language Access for All

Here at Boostlingo, it’s our mission to improve language access for everyone. If you’re looking for call routing solutions that will make connecting to the right interpreter easier, then partnering with us will be your best bet.

Feel free to book a demo with us to learn more about our proprietary routing solutions!

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