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Interpretation for Hybrid Events

If you are hosting events that involve hybrid configurations, Boostlingo Events can help!

Why Boostlingo Events?​

Boostlingo Events is designed to build the perfect bridge between your or your client’s preferred virtual meeting platform and Boostlingo Events professional interpretation interface.

With Boostlingo Events, you don’t have to choose between their existing virtual meeting space and Boostlingo Events’ unique interpretation delivery system.

Boostlingo Events’ can also facilitate the expansion of onsite events to remote audiences, combining the personal touch of in-person meetings with virtual access.

The platform comes with the following special features to maximize the event experience:

  • Live Support
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Mobile App

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With the aid of a virtual event platform, users may simply host virtual conferences, meetings, webinars, and other events. Boostlingo Events distinguishes itself from the competition by providing remote simultaneous interpretation capabilities not seen in traditional video conferencing software.

Other Event Platforms:

Boostlingo Events Platform:

Live Technical Support

When layering BoostEvent’s unique interpretation delivery with other hardware or software, our team is available to ensure a smooth integration.

Our live technicians will ensure that the interpreters and participants enjoy a smooth and professional experience.

grow your LSP business with Boostlingo interpretation management system.

Feasible in Any Configuration

The Boostlingo Events platform is easy to integrate with any onsite hardware or virtual meeting software.

Just tell us of your unique requirements and the Boostlingo Events flexible system will facilitate a customized configuration that ensures your hybrid events work seamlessly.

Easy Access to Audio and Video

With the click of a button, it is easy to access live interpretation through Boostlingo Events.

Whether on the app, integrated with onsite hardware, or layered underneath other streaming technologies, access to invaluable multilingual engagement is just a click away.

Frequently asked questions

A hybrid event mixes a live in-person event with an online virtual component. Providing a combination of in-person and virtual. Conferences, seminars, trade shows, and other events may all benefit from hybrid events.

With the increasing popularity and cost-effectiveness of virtual events. Companies are starting to use hybrid events to improve participation in conventional events at a lower cost.

Boostlingo Events believes that the popularity of virtual meetings will continue to climb in the coming years.

Participants who are unable to physically attend owing to travel or time zone limitations will find it simpler to attend a hybrid event.

Allowing participants to attend these events not only makes your event more accessible, but it also demonstrates your organization’s and/or company’s concern for folks all over the world.

Boostlingo Events hosting of virtual and hybrid events allows online participants to have access to:

  • Key speakers or workshops with live audio and video streaming, as well as their presentation materials
  • Online presentations, ranging from webinars to PowerPoint presentations and other forms of event content
  • Forum features include audience polling and the ability to post questions
  • Those in need of interpreting services might benefit from live consecutive interpretation

If you think about it, you’ll have more possibilities to reach a larger audience because there are no physical limits, because you can make your event available and distribute its content to those who wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise due to these same constraints.

This is a significant advantage, but it is not the only one.

Event organizers should expand to hosting hybrid meetings or online conferences with Boostlingo Events as it can grant the opportunity to expand your event to its peak potential which can help you grasp your maximum potential participants. Some of these advantages can include:

Expanding Your Horizons

In-person portions of your events may sell out, utilizing a virtual aspect of your event can give people who aren’t able to attend to participate from anywhere in the world!

Numerous Key Speaker Options

If you’re hosting a huge meeting or conference, hybrid events are proven to take travel and hotel accommodations out of the equation. This can help open up possibilities to secure speakers who aren’t able to attend in person but can still present remotely.

Live Consecutive Interpretation

Boostlingo Events specializes in offering accurate consecutive interpretation for your worldwide audience. Our purpose is to assist people of many cultures in attending events while obtaining interpretation so that they can follow along and grasp the content of any conference.

You will need masterfully crafted hardware, such as a range of cameras, microphones, and speakers, as well as the cables, switches, and splitters required for expert live streaming setups, in order to generate a high-quality hybrid meeting experience.

Absolutely! Boostlingo Events’ modern technology allows hybrid participants to connect with other virtual audience members. However, because it will be hybrid, there may be some participants who are physically present at the event who will not be able to acknowledge your participation.

Regardless, speakers and hosts of the hybrid event will have the opportunity to communicate with virtual audience members.

When you work with Boostlingo Events, we make it a point to provide a variety of methods to assist you in integrating your audiences for certain aspects of your hybrid event.

We will assist you in implementing these solutions and including components that will give the impression that everyone is in the same room.

In recent years, organizations of all sizes have been pushed to adopt remote labor and virtual meetings in order to complete responsibilities.

When this approach was originally established, many firms anticipated that after the epidemic, everything would return to normal. But interestingly, the exact reverse had occurred.

Many areas of people’s lives are now virtual, which has made many professional aspects much easier. Webinars, virtual events, and even hybrid events have become such an integral part of corporate culture that Boostlingo Events sees no signs of slowing down.

You need to understand how to implement hybrid events into your business since experts are in agreement that their popularity will increase over the next several years.

As you know, there are many virtual event platforms that sell the same kind of service that we are promoting but the difference is that Boostlingo Events prides themselves in handling every aspect of event solutions.

This goes from helping our clients understand the software, understand the means of the event and also provides simultaneous interpretation for other virtual audience members around the globe.