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Feature Release for LSPs: Boostlingo 4.5.0


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At Boostlingo, we’re always trying to improve our platform’s performance and to add features that are relevant to the way you do business. With those goals in mind, we’re excited to share the new features included in today’s release: Boostlingo 4.5.

Stripe Integration – Scheduled Appointments: Boostlingo’s Subscription/Stripe now expands support for schedule OPI/VRI appointments. These user interface (UI) changes for usage that consider upcoming scheduled assignments.

Our Subscription/Stripe can now fully support all of your interpreting needs from the web to mobile, making setup and rollout a breeze. This feature is enabled by request, contact your account manager to get started!

  • Training Module: Permission updates for admins joining your remote session as well as integrated video recording so you can review your sessions before promoting a candidate to your live roster.
  • Video Recording: Available for all calls; Stream, save and access your recordings for up to 90 days after your call. Crystal clear recording for both audio and video participants. Access them by simply clicking a call in your Accounts call logs.
    This feature is enabled by request, contact your account manager to get started!
  • Audit Trails Rates: As rates change find out who and what was changed directly from the admin Audit trail. Previously all rate changes showed old and new values but NOW Boostlingo specifies the rate card in which the changes occurred.
    Time-zone selection for exports

Wherever you access logs you now have control of what time-zone the export should be targeting.

Billable and Payable durations for AppointmentsPartners relying on Boostlingo invoicing need a billable duration for their interpreters and accounts in CSV exports. If an appointment’s actual duration is less than the minimum we keep the minimum. If the actual duration is greater than the minimum, we show the greater amount.

Other enhancements:

Logs: Increase date range restriction from 2 to 3 months
UI/UX improvements for copying call-ids from your Call logs.

Also enjoy lots of bug fixes and improvements with this release.

Thanks as always for your loyalty to Boost – we’re so glad to be improving the app and helping you grow your business.

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