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Boostlingo Employee Review: Using Boostlingo AI Pro to Translate Voice to Text


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AI-powered language interpreting services are a significant technological advancement, aimed at dismantling language barriers that have historically impeded cross-cultural interactions. These tools include speech-to-text software that translates voice to text. They are driven by complex algorithms and deep learning processes. The goal is to eventually provide not only direct translations but also to interpret contextual nuances and cultural references accurately. The objective of speech-to-text AI is clear: to facilitate seamless and immediate communication across diverse languages in various settings. From international business meetings to emergency medical consultations, AI language tools ensure no individual or message is lost in translation.

Despite the promise of universal accessibility, the deployment of artificial intelligence language translation technologies is not without its challenges and criticisms. There are data privacy concerns and the potential for misinterpretation. The lack of training data for many languages and the loss of jobs for human interpreters are serious issues for linguistic and tech communities. Moreover, while these AI systems are rapidly improving, they still struggle with complex idiomatic expressions, regional dialects, and non-verbal nuances in communication. As this technology marches forward, it forces a reevaluation of what makes human communication successful, questioning what is gained and what may be irrevocably lost in the pursuit of technological solutions to human diversity.

Boostlingo is a front runner in developing AI technology to support interpretation services, with both stand-alone and integrated cutting-edge AI tools that enhance its ability to deliver accurate and immediate language interpretation services.

A recent interview with a Boostlingo’s VP of Strategic Initiatives, Andrea Baccenetti, sheds light on the reality of how live caption translation is changing the way people communicate all over the world. Leading the organization in developing its AI product, Boostlingo AI Pro, Baccenetti talks about his experience using AI Pro, its strengths, and how it can be further improved.

Q: What do you think about Boostlingo’s meeting transcription services? As someone who works at Boostlingo, what is the experience like using it for your own personal use case?

A: At Boostlingo, we like to say, “Drink your own champagne.” For those unfamiliar with this tech expression, it means that people within a company use the products they develop. Imagine Google employees using Google Maps to navigate or Facebook staff connecting with friends and family on the platform. It’s about experiencing your own products as a user.

While I spend a lot of my work time demoing Boostlingo products and using them for team meetings, I’m not typically a “user” of our technology. Most of my meetings are in languages I understand, so I don’t need an interpreter—human or AI—or translated captions.

However, that changed just a few days ago. I attended the annual meeting of my homeowner association, which was conducted entirely in Danish. Despite living in Denmark for almost 11 years and being well-integrated, including having kids who speak fluent Danish, I still struggle with complex topics, long compound words (like vedligeholdelsesudgifterne), and the general tendency of Danes to mumble. It’s easy to get lost.

Q: Did you use translated captions? Or live captions to translate? How does it work?

A: It was live caption translate. I pulled out my phone and started an AI Pro session. The tool captioned everything said in Danish and translated a live English translation into text. The setup wasn’t perfect—the sound in the room was subpar, and no one was speaking into a microphone, leading to some amusing errors (like translating hjørne = “corner” as hjerne = “brain,” resulting in “I’m checking on the burger brain”). Despite these hiccups, I was impressed by how well it worked throughout the meeting. It helped me navigate the more complicated parts of the conversation.

Q: What’s your overall review of Boostlingo’s artificial intelligence language translation tool, AI Pro?

A: So, what’s my review after drinking our own champagne? It’s probably not at Dom Pérignon level yet, but I can’t help but think about how many people around the world face similar situations daily. I’m fortunate to speak several languages, but I know that’s not the case for most people. If Boostlingo AI Pro can help people understand even a bit more than they otherwise would, then the work we do here every day makes me incredibly proud.

After all, it’s all about providing language access for all.

With a comprehensive suite that includes support for numerous languages and dialects, Boostlingo provides audio and video human and AI interpreting solutions that cater to a diverse range of industries including healthcare, legal, and governmental sectors. The platform’s ability to integrate seamlessly with various communication systems, its user-friendly interface, and commitment to data security, positions Boostlingo as a top choice for organizations seeking efficient and reliable linguistic assistance, thus setting a high industry standard in bridging communication gaps globally.

Boostlingo AI Pro is changing the way we communicate across languages, embodying the ethos that language translation should be accessible to all. This advanced AI-driven platform ensures that everyone, regardless of linguistic background, can engage in clear and effective communication. By providing real-time, accurate translations and interpretations in a multitude of languages, Boostlingo AI Pro is designed to serve a wide audience, from multinational corporations to individual travelers. The tool’s capacity to handle various dialects and idiomatic expressions enhances understanding and interaction among users, making it an invaluable asset in today’s globalized world where effective communication is key to success and connection.


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