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Optimizing Your Healthcare Interpreting Services with Boostlingo IMS

healthcare interpreting services with Boostlingo IMS

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Interpretation in the healthcare space is an incredibly demanding occupation. It’s imperative we help and support interpreters by providing them with the best tools possible. We believe we have some of the best tools available for optimizing healthcare interpreting services.

Getting the Most Out of Interpreters

Healthcare providers only have so many interpreters on staff and meeting the needs of every appointment you have can be a daunting task. Ensuring you get the most out of your team is imperative. When you manage your interpreters, you want to ensure the workflow is smooth and effective by limiting moving parts.

Boostlingo IMS is an all-in-one platform that checks every box you’ll need to help manage interpreters. Our app allows your interpreters to view their schedules, plan follow-ups, and conduct over-the-phone interpreting. Video-remote-interpreting is also handled directly on our platform. Interpreters join these appointments from their phones, eliminating the need to juggle multiple apps and software.


Intelligent Routing from Boostlingo is a sophisticated logic for your call flow and can automate your scheduling system. When you use Boostlingo IMS, you still have the freedom to customize how your calls will be routed.

What separates Boostlingo IMS from other platforms is our Boostlingo Hub. This network will give you access to thousands of interpreters to help fill gaps in your internal interpreter workflow.

Scheduling Done Right

Managing interpreter schedules is one of the most challenging jobs and juggling many moving parts without a unified app is almost impossible. We have simplified this process to ensure you can view your entire interpretation appointment schedule in one place. You can customize each appointment day/time, assign your interpreters, set onsite or remote settings, and many more custom options.

Your dashboard will show you who, when, and where your appointments are. This unification means no more jumping between multiple calendars, spreadsheets, and apps to do what Boostlingo IMS does in one place.

Clear Communication

Unifying language access has more benefits than scheduling your interpreters and utilizing on-demand interpretation. When you bring everything into one place, it ensures your communication is clear. It also allows your interpreters to receive notifications how they prefer and opens the flow of communication by reducing the clutter.

Every change made to appointment time, location, or other details will automatically notify your interpreter. They can then review changes and accept or decline as usual. Boostlingo IMS also ensures you won’t double book appointments by checking for schedule conflicts.


Tracking and Customization

The legal and ethical obligation of maintaining patient confidentiality is crucial. Boostlingo IMS allows you to create custom permissions and criteria for interpreters to ensure you have the correct interpreter for the job.


The Boostlingo Hub also allows you to search for interpreters with field experience, vetted by our Language Access Department. With Boostlingo IMS, you can rely on all these features while also maintaining HIPAA compliance.


While interpreters help bridge cultural differences, they may still be unaware of all cultural nuances impacting care delivery. We recommend training on cultural competence. Once your team completes a cultural competence training (or any other training) our platform allows you to denote who has received what training.

Final Thoughts

These are only some challenges facing healthcare staff working with interpreters daily and only some of the features our platform has to solve them.

Want to read more about these challenges and other solutions? Check out the original blog to learn more.

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