Hosting Its First-Ever Multilingual Virtual Conference With Over 150 Participants In 3 Languages

BoostEvents Case Study


EvalYouth wanted to host online events with 150+ participants, in 3 different languages at the same time – that’s where BoostEvents proved effective. EvalYouth’s 6-hour multilingual event with 10 speakers was held simultaneously in English, Spanish and French, at a fraction of the cost of an onsite conference. 

First-Ever Virtual Conference

150+ Young & Emerging Evaluators

English, Spanish & French

The Challenge

One of EvalYouth’s priorities for 2016-2018 is to organize conferences to share knowledge, learnings, and best practices relevant to young and emerging evaluators. As the nature of these conferences is international, it is crucial to make it possible for all participants to attend and engage in different languages in a cost effective way. EvalYouth found the concept of virtual conferences as the optimal solution to fulfill these objectives. After making their decision, the challenge became actually hosting their first virtual conference with more than 150 participants from all over the world and allowing them to connect and engage in their own languages.

The Results

To face the challenge, EvalYouth required a platform with the capacity to have more than 150 participants engaged and where English, Spanish, and French could be spoken and understood by the speakers and the audience at the same time–that’s where BoostEvents’ unique platform proved effective. The technology’s integration of multi-channel simultaneous interpretation into a platform built specifically for multilingual participation proved to be the perfect choice. What’s more, EvalYouth’s 6-hour multilingual event with 10 speakers was held at less cost than flying just two of the speakers to a face-to-face conference. The opportunity to participate, listen, and engage in multiple languages really paid off: a 34% increase in engagement was achieved by offering attendance in multiple languages.

“EvalYouth hosted its first virtual conference ever on BoostEvents. The success of the event was phenomenal. This was made possible at a cost less than flying two participants to a face-to-face conference and enabled more than 150 participants to participate and interact in three languages. This is to me a fabulous lesson in efficiency and effectiveness, especially in the light of the diverse and rich content that the conference was able to offer.”

About EvalYouth

EvalYouth is a multi-stakeholder partnership assisting young and emerging evaluators in becoming future leaders in the evaluation profession. They strive to promote young and emerging evaluators, including young women, to become technically sound, experienced and well networked professionals within the evaluation culture at national, regional, and international levels. EvalYouth was formed during Global Evaluation Week, held in Kathmandu, Nepal, in November 2015.

More Ways to Use BoostEvents

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Online Meetings

Make virtual meetings or video conferences multilingual, ensuring all participants can get their message across in their preferred language.


Reach a broader webinar audience supported by live voice interpretation with up to 5000 attendees.

Onsite Events

BoostEvents is perfect for onsite events requiring live interpretation. Plus BoostEvents enables participation by attendees who cannot join in person, expanding the reach of live conferences.