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AI Translation for Graduation Ceremonies

Host multilingual graduation ceremonies with Boostlingo’s inclusive event solution, Boostlingo Events.

Simultaneous interpretation for graduation ceremonies

Key Features of Boostlingo Events for Graduations

Boostlingo Events offers advanced, user-friendly translation and interpreting services. AI-driven real-time captioning converts speech into written text for greater accessibility. On the other hand, AI Pro’s speech-to-speech translation may be considered interpreting, delivering spoken content in another language. 

  • AI Captions Translated in Real Time 

Our advanced AI technology can provide real-time translated captioning of ceremony speeches on screens or personal devices. 

  • Remote Simultaneous Interpreting 

Interpret speeches in real-time so non-English or LEP (Limited English Proficiency) families can fully participate and experience the graduation ceremonies on their personal devices. 

The interface is user-friendly with high-quality audio output and can be accessed on a mobile device. You can choose between Human or AI powered interpreters in a variety of languages. 

  •  Accessibility for the Deaf or Hard of hearing 

Qualified and experienced American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters can be made available for live interpretation during the ceremony. 

Attendees who are Deaf or Hard of hearing can enjoy a barrier-free graduation experience. 

  • Overall Inclusivity 

Providing interpreting services allows organizations to cater to a diverse audience, ensuring maximum inclusivity. 

Inclusive practices contribute to a more welcoming and engaging environment for all attendees. 

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Communication Challenges Affect Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies often highlight significant accessibility and language barriers that can exclude some attendees, particularly non-English speakers and individuals who are Deaf or Hard of hearing. Anecdotes from previous ceremonies reveal the emotional and social impact of these barriers, such as a parent unable to understand their child’s valedictory speech.  

As schools and universities are increasingly expected to provide language interpretation and accessibility services, inclusivity becomes crucial not only for attendee satisfaction but also for legal compliance and improving institutional reputation. This growing demand underscores the importance of implementing effective communication solutions, like those offered by Boostlingo Events, to ensure that graduations are accessible and memorable celebrations of academic achievements for all attendees. 

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Can Boostlingo Events be Customized?

Customizing Boostlingo for a graduation ceremony begins with an initial consultation to align services with specific event needs, followed by assessing the language diversity of attendees to ensure appropriate interpreter availability. The process includes a detailed discussion on the technical setup for integrating remote interpreting, ASL interpretation, and AI-powered captioning.  

Boostlingo offers various customization options to accommodate different languages and accessibility features, which are tested during trial runs to iron out any issues. Feedback is collected to fine-tune services, ensuring they meet user expectations. Final implementation is closely monitored, with Boostlingo providing continuous support for any last-minute adjustments. A post-event review evaluates the effectiveness of the services, helping both the school and Boostlingo learn and improve for future events. This thorough approach guarantees an inclusive and accessible celebration for all attendees.