How Hanes’ Manager of Global Anti-Bribery Compliance Programs Improved Language Access with BoostEvents

Learn how Stephanie Lingle, Manager of Product Safety and Global Anti-Bribery Compliance Programs at Hanesbrands Inc., increased understanding and accessibility of her multilingual online training program by using BoostEvents. Or keep reading for the whole story.

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Here’s the TL;DR:

Challenge: When Hanesbrands Inc. formally launched a Global Anti-Bribery Compliance Program, they wanted to build multilingual online training to share with vendors from different regions and linguistic backgrounds.

Stephanie was interested in finding a meeting platform with integrated language services to communicate important compliance information accurately. 

Solution: Hanes adopted BoostEvents, at the time VoiceBoxer, to develop multilingual training programs with interpretation and translated presentations. Working with simultaneous interpreters allows Stephanie’s training to be delivered in multiple languages at the same time without awkward or lengthy pauses.

Plus, providing multilingual access gave Stephanie’s team more confidence when communicating technical and complex topics.   

Results: By using the BoostEvents platform, training could be provided in multiple languages, simultaneously to global vendors. As a result, Stephanie runs training programs 5-8 times per year for 3 regions typically in 3-5 languages.

Now, she is confident that the international audiences understand important compliance requirements during the presentation. 

The Challenge 

Stephanie Lingle found herself wanting to add online training as part of Hanesbrands Inc. formal Global anti-bribery program. 

But with a young online meeting platform market at the time, there was a lack of translation services essential for running training in multiple languages. 

Stephanie recalled, “At that time, video meeting platforms like Zoom or Teams weren’t there. We only had Skype for Business. But we wanted to do something more than that because we wanted to effectively communicate the messages, we were trying to send through these training sessions [in multiple languages].” 

“With other platforms like Zoom or Teams, or anything where you do the video meetings, you can’t do the translations effectively.” 

For Stephanie, effectively communicating training to vendors in multiple languages came down to overcoming two challenges: 

  1. Translation services on a meeting platform 
  2. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation 

Here’s how BoostEvents helped Stephanie solve those challenges.

1. Translation services on a meeting platform

In 2013, Stephanie’s team was using Skype for Business as their meeting platform.  

“There were not many platforms out there that offered translation services. When we were building out our program, we wanted to be able to do some online training, and that was important to us.” 

Stephanie knew that translated slides were essential for an online training program. 

“We started working with [BoostEvents]… they were one of the few companies out there that offered translation services. That was important to us.”  

Today, Stephanie and her team still use BoostEvents to provide translated presentations during training – this is a benefit unique to the platform, allowing the audio interpretation to match the visual content. 

When Stephanie’s team needs translated slides for training, they provide their presentation to BoostEvents, who then translate it into the necessary languages. 

The training sessions get set up by region and need specific languages for each. Each session has presentations available in the native languages of the attendees. 

The availability of translated content has made a big difference for vendors. 

“They can see the training sessions on the slides at the same time. It’s a really effective way to communicate with folks whose first language is not English,” said Stephanie. 

“It’s been very effective. I’ve gotten good feedback about the training and about the translations.” 

BoostEvents also has an automatically translated chat area, which allows participants to send their greetings, questions, or thoughts in their native language allowing Stephanie and her team to read those in English.

2. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Because they share important compliance information during training, Stephanie’s team relies on interpretation to communicate effectively with the vendors. BoostEvents has helped them deliver interpretation effectively.  

Stephanie shared, “When you’re doing training, and you’re talking about technical things, or you’re talking about difficult topics, sometimes it’s really hard to know that they’re understanding what you’re saying. So with the interpreters there, I feel like we’re better at communicating with our vendors.”  

Working with interpreters helps Stephanie feel confident that her message is getting across. 

However, many steps go into providing interpretation at an online training session: 

  • Procuring simultaneous interpreters  
  • Creating and sharing terminology sheets 
  • Setting up a (RSI) platform
  • Providing a way for trainees to access interpretation 
  • Having live technical assistance for anyone who needs it 

Each step has nuances and challenges that need to be addressed–and they typically require support from an agency or language service provider with experience working in the event and conference interpreting space. 

BoostEvents supports Stephanie’s team throughout the process, allowing her to focus on delivering the best training possible.  

“With the BoostEvents platform, I’m able to get on there, do the training. And the other attendees are in a different chat room with the interpreter. So the interpreter is just interpreting as I’m going. I don’t have to just stop and wait for them to interpret it and start again,” said Stephanie. 

“They don’t have to hear me speak and the interpreter speak, they’re just hearing the interpreter. And they can see the training sessions on the slides at the same time.”


After implementing BoostEvents into the compliance training program, Stephanie saw a positive response from international vendors. With training programs run 5-8 times per year, typically in 3-5 languages, BoostEvents improved language access. 

This not only enhanced the understanding of the material but also boosted the confidence of Stephanie’s team. 

Stephanie reflected, “When you’re training, you want to communicate effectively. Otherwise, you’re not getting out of it what you want. But I think for me, with being in the compliance field, I want to make sure that the audience is understanding what I’m telling them the requirements are. So, in order to effectively do that, they need to hear it in their language so that there’s no miscommunication or misunderstanding.” 

Stephanie’s team achieved this by using the BoostEvents platform for translation services and remote simultaneous interpretation.  

They overcame the language barrier challenge, allowing their international vendors to better understand and adhere to essential compliance requirements. 

The results were clear – BoostEvents and Hanesbrands Inc. partnership created practical online, multilingual compliance training.

The successful implementation of the platform was beneficial for the vendors, who got a better understanding of the compliance requirements, and for Stephanie’s team at Hanes, who could communicate their messages effectively. 

Stephanie summarized her experience, “I would highly recommend being able to use a tool like this, where you can use an interpreter and have your slides presented to your audience in their language.” 

As a result of their successful collaboration with BoostEvents, Hanesbrands Inc. continues to provide online training as part of its global anti-bribery compliance program. The experience has been transformative, setting a new benchmark for global compliance training programs. 

Improve Language Access in Your Online Training with BoostEvents 

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