InterpretManager is a Webex Embedded App

Transform Virtual Communication

InterpretManager is the new Webex Embedded App available to add seamless, in-app interpretation to Webex video and voice calls with the click of a button. Read below for more on how to get started.

Graphic depicting Webex Video call on the Boostlingo Webex Embedded App, InterpretManager

InterpretManager embedded application provides seamless, in-app interpretation for Webex video and voice calls with the click of a button. Our professional network of interpreters is comprised of over 10,000 interpreters covering over 250 languages. Our interpreter bank also includes qualified interpreters in legal and medical interpreting, so you can transform your meetings with on-demand interpretation regardless of industry.

The embedded app allows a qualified interpreter to join your Webex session so you can keep the conversation going. Save on in-person costs for travel and unused minutes by going virtual with Webex and Interpret Manager.

To access a qualified interpreter, users will need to use their Interpret Manager credentials provided by their language service provider. You must have a Webex Meetings account to use the InterpretManager embedded app, visit to get signed up.