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Boostlingo Partnership with Nations Ministry Center Highlights Commitment to Core Values

Boostlingo provides free on-demand interpretation minutes to Nations Ministry

Austin, TX — September 5, 2023Boostlingo teamed up with Nations Ministry Center, a Nashville-based social services organization committed to aiding refugees in their journey to rebuild and integrate their lives into the community. This collaboration took place during Boostlingo’s Mid-year Sales Summit held in Nashville, TN last week. 

“Through our church in Franklin, Tennessee, my family has had strong connections with Nations Ministry.” Said Matt Folks, Regional Account Executive at Boostlingo. “When we were looking for an organization to partner with while working in Nashville, they were the perfect fit. Their efforts in fostering literacy among refugee children in Nashville deeply resonated with us.” 

Recognizing the invaluable efforts by Nations Ministry Center, our passionate sales team donated essential food supplies and school items, aimed at providing immediate relief to local children and families. In addition to the material contributions, the team dedicated 5,000 minutes towards virtual interpretation services via the Boostlingo OnDemand platform, aiming to bridge language gaps and improve communication. 

Communication is vital at every touchpoint in supporting non-English speaking individuals, and that is where Boostlingo helps to fill potential gaps.” Said Kristy Seiber, Boostlingo’s VP of Sales. “By dedicating 5,000 minutes of interpretation services to Nations Ministry Center we hope to make it easier for individuals to understand each other, build relationships, and communicate effectively. Partnering together, we can help refugees and immigrants obtain an education, clearly understand doctor’s recommendations, secure employment, shop at the local grocery store, and attend nearby worship centers.” 

A graphic with a headshot and quote from Kristy Seiber, VP of Sales at Boostlingo

The collaboration echoes Boostlingo’s belief in the core value of “Be Inclusive.” Through these acts of service, we hope to highlight the importance of fostering inclusive environments and communities. Nations Ministry Center exemplifies this value in its tireless work to integrate refugees into the Nashville community, ensuring they receive opportunities for an improved quality of life. 

“At Nations Ministry Center, we welcome the global community that chooses to call Nashville, Tennessee home and humbly walk alongside them as they settle in.” said Diane Uwamahoro, member of the leadership staff at Nations Ministry. “Our mission is to help refugee and immigrant families become generationally successful. We do this by offering a youth literacy program, an elder’s program, and immigration services. Many of our families arrive with little to no English fluency and we often need translation and interpreter assistance. Using a tool like Boostlingo will greatly assist all staff members as they engage with our families and clients with its convenient interface and access to many languages. The ability to instantaneously access qualified interpreters over phone or on video calls to expertly interpret legal, medical, or scholastic matters will help us better serve our community.” 



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Boostlingo is a language software and technology company based in Austin, TX. At Boostlingo, we are reimagining interpretation through innovative technology that enables language access and improves global communication. 

The Boostlingo platform includes video, phone, and on-demand interpreting, as well as interpreter management and scheduling tools for language service providers. In 2022, Boostlingo acquired VoiceBoxer, a remote simultaneous interpretation and video conferencing platform based in Copenhagen, and Interpreter Intelligence, an interpreter management and scheduling platform based out of San Francisco. 

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