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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 7, 2019): On Monday, November 4, 2019, Boostlingo announced their biggest, and newest features to their best in class OPI/VRI caller app. Boostlingo is excited to announce over 25 new features that have been added, making this their biggest release to date. 


The app’s newest updates include: 

  • Requestor caller updates – Now, the caller can prioritize language policies and features that users have enabled or disabled for their individual client accounts simplifying the ability to make calls more efficiently.
  • Bulk appointment editor – Broadcasting, confirming, canceling and more can now be an action taken across multiple appointments in a series. 
  • List management – The new list of customization features helps keep you even more organized. 
  • Appointment labels customization – You can now tag your appointments so you can find them for invoices later or tag them as “non-billable”. Basically this enabled tagging feature allows you to find past or present appointments whenever you want. 
  • Manual Appointment Workflow Flexibility and Customization – This new feature makes it easy to manipulate any appointment’s incomplete or completed status. 
  • Invoice Direct from Appointment Option – You can now create an invoice directly from an appointment. 
  • Third-Party Billing at the Appointment Level – This simplifies invoicing by allowing third-party billing assignments at the time of creating an appointment if this is needed by your client. 


There are also new mobile updates that include: 

  • Call kit integration for IOS – Boostlingo now can guarantee that your team will NEVER miss a call.  Calls come in as a 100% native call and not first via the Boostlingo app. This will enable your team to work seamlessly. 
  • Mobile requestor caller update – Just like the web app, Boostlingo has updated and streamlined the Boostlingo Mobile app and ensured it to be just effective. 


“We’re beyond excited to release the newest updates to the Boostlingo app, Our hopes are  to make things, even more, easier and convenient for our users to help them work even more efficiently.” 


The new Boostlingo Web Version 3.5 and Boostlingo Mobile Version 1.10.0 are now available for all Boostlingo app users. 

About Boostlingo: Boostlingo is a language software and technology company based in San Francisco, California. Boostlingo is focused on defining the next generation of interpretation technology solutions. Boostlingo software is device agnostic, infinitely scalable and compliant across all common regulatory and security requirements. By providing access to interpretation delivery and management applications including On-Demand VRI, OPI, and On-Site scheduling services, Boostlingo intends to advance global access and support from the interpreter services community. Learn more about Boostlingo at

Boostlingo Media Contact:

Dieter Runge
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: (415) 604-8747
Email: [email protected]


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