The two establishments have joined together in a meaningful partnership to support medical interpreters in becoming nationally certified healthcare interpreters.


(San Francisco, CA and Washington, DC)—Boostlingo LLC and the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) have begun a significant partnership this fall as a way of promoting the highest quality healthcare interpreting services nationwide. Boostlingo, acting as an innovative technology startup that has pioneered the implementation of a unified interpreting platform, is very excited to connect with CCHI to promote the cchi certification of medical interpreters.

Boostlingo is partnering with CCHI to promote the highest quality healthcare interpreting. Both CCHI and Boostlingo aid in the professional development of interpreters. While CCHI offers the only nationally recognized healthcare interpreter certification, Boostlingo promotes CCHI’s mission and offers its technology free to professional interpreters for them to be able to take assignments from the comfort of their own home.

Boostlingo is excited to work with CCHI in encouraging the professional development of healthcare interpreters. CCHI has certified more than 3800 interpreters since 2011 and is currently launching a campaign to develop a valid, bilingual test to measure cognitive interpreting skills that would be conducted from English to English (E to E) so that more diffuse languages can enjoy the benefits of nationally recognized certification

Please check out and SUPPORT CCHI’s E to E Campaign here:


Boostlingo is proud to partner with CCHI and supports this campaign!

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