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AI Captioning for Primary Schools

Convert spoken words into written text, translatable into 130+ languages with Boostlingo AI Pro for primary school students who are hard of hearing or families of students who speak a foreign language.

Educational Interpretation is not just for the classroom

Speech to Test

Turn spoken language into written text with accurate translation.


Smooth integration with third party applications such as Zoom.

Real-Time Translation

Translate spoken content from one language to another instantly.

130+ Languages

Get instant translated captions for over 130 languages.

Transforming Community Support Programs

Elevating community support school programs is essential for nurturing an inclusive and vibrant environment that extends its benefits beyond students and staff, but also to the students’ families. 

Harness the power of a robust real-time translation tool that underscores the importance of embracing diversity within school programs while enabling active participation from individuals of all cultural backgrounds. 


Begin captioning and translating today!

Caption meetings, translate conversations in real-time, and transcribe communications with Boostlingo AI Pro. Sign up for a 60-minute free trial today.

Build a Language Bridge between Teacher and Parent

Close the language gap between teachers and parents, promoting stronger connections. 

Active parental involvement has a positive impact on students’ academic success, and our machine translation tool makes it easier for parents to: 

  • Join Parent-Teacher Meetings 
  • Understand Assignments 
  • Engage in School Activities 
Las Cruces School Case Study - Boostlingo On-Demand

Engage Hard of Hearing Students in Real Time

Elevate real-time engagement with our AI caption translation tool. Transform lectures and discussions into inclusive experiences, ensuring full participation and comprehension for students with hearing impairments.

This is particularly valuable in subjects where language barriers can impede comprehension of complex concepts.

Your Words Have the Power to Inspire

Convert spoken word into written translated text using the power of AI. No matter what language your audience speaks Boostlingo AI Pro is here to help you communicate without barriers.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Boostlingo AI Pro captures speech to text for multiple languages at once with over 130 languages in our library.

All chosen languages for caption translation will be available for download as transcriptions.

Absolutely! Usually, it takes companies a few business days to make translated meeting transcripts depending on the word count. 

With Boostlingo AI Pro, your meeting transcripts are ready for download within minutes of the end of your meeting session! 

Boostlingo AI Pro supports transcriptions as text, in .srt and .vtt formats. 

Your data remains entirely private and is never used in the training of our AI.

Additionally, we do not retain any records of your meetings. Your transcripts are securely stored solely for your convenience, allowing you to access and download them whenever you choose.

Boostlingo AI Pro plans to expand its language offerings gradually. You can currently access a list of languages supported for conversation and those available for caption translation on this page.

The number of integrations will continue to increase.

For a wide range of integration options and instructions on how to use them, click here.