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Interpretation for Webinars

With Boostlingo Events, host webinars that need simultaneous interpretation in any language to engage large audiences.

Why Boostlingo Events?

If you’re hosting webinars to engage colleagues or business partners all over the world, Boostlingo Events’ unique presentation and conferencing platform, built for seamless integration with remote simultaneous interpretation, can help you reach a larger audience.

Our platform can accommodate up to 5,000 webinar participants from all over the world, and it includes the following special features to enhance the webinar experience:

  • Optimized for Webinars
  • Translated Chat
  • Multilingual Polling
  • Mobile Apps
  • Live Support

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With the aid of a virtual event platform, users may simply host virtual conferences, meetings, webinars, and other events. Boostlingo Events distinguishes itself from the competition by providing remote simultaneous interpretation capabilities not seen in traditional video conferencing software.

Other Event Platforms:

Boostlingo Events Platform:

Layout Designed Specifically for Webinars

The “Single Video” layout option available on the Boostlingo Events platform is tailored to webinars and web presentations, as it allows the participants to focus their attention on the presentation material and active speaker only.

More dynamic layouts are available depending on the event’s specific requirements.

what is an interpreter scheduling system?

Translated Chat Messages

This feature allows participants to chat, have Q&A sessions, and share notes, each in the language they prefer. It is perfect for events with many participants engaging in different languages.

Participants won’t miss a single comment, regardless of the language in which it is sent.

Presentation in Any Language

In addition to listening to the remote simultaneous interpretation, participants can also follow the translated visual presentation synched to their language of choice.

Empower your participants with translated presentations to ensure the message reaches the wider audience in all languages.