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Section 1557: Language Access Gets an Update with New Federal Rules
CMS Test Calls: A guide for Language Service Providers and Interpreters
CMS Test Calls: A Guide for LSPs and Interpreters
5 AI tools for Interpreters
5 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Interpreting
How OPI is bridging the gap in rural communities
How OPI is Bridging The Language Gap in Rural Communities
Boostlingo achieves SOC2 Type II certification.
Boostlingo and SOC 2 Type I Compliance: What it Means For You
business meeting or event with multiple business people gathered in a room
How AI Captioning Can Expand Accessibility at Events
interpreter spotlight
Interpreter Spotlight: Abhijit Bhandari, Nepali to English Medical Interpreter
VRS vs. VRI: what's the difference?
VRS vs. VRI: What’s the Difference?