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Revisiting LinkedIn Live Celebrating One Year with Interpreter Intelligence


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Earlier in August, Bryan Forrester, CEO of Boostlingo, and Conor Power, the VP of Engineering, celebrated the one-year anniversary of Boostlingo and Interpreter Intelligence joining forces. Well, really, 18 months, as Bryan would note in the livestream. They discussed key milestones over the past year, including the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network connector, releasing native mobile apps, and upgrading the architecture.

Conor shared his experience joining a larger organization and being able to focus more on product technology. They also discussed investments Boostlingo has made, like adding headcount and resources, which allows them to better react to customer needs.

In case you missed it, we’re sharing their conversation here and have included some key takeaways below from the Live. You can watch the complete discussion below.

Key takeaways:

  • Boostlingo’s acquisition of Interpreter Intelligence (II) in March of 2022 has led to a more comprehensive product, combining on-site scheduling with on-demand capabilities.
  • Technical advancements and security commitments highlight dedication to excellence.
  • Since the merger, Interpreter Intelligence reported a 70% YoY growth and 50% more customers in 18 months.
  • The focus on AI technology and team expansion signifies a forward-looking approach to meet future demands.
  • Top priorities are currently streamlining processes and unifying platforms for a seamless user experience.
  • Core values, strong organizational culture, and quality leadership have been instrumental in the company’s rapid growth.

Want to learn more about Boostlingo?

Boostlingo is a language software and technology company based in Austin, TX. At Boostlingo, we are reimagining interpretation through innovative technology that enables language access and improves global communication.

The Boostlingo platform includes video, phone, and on-demand interpreting, as well as interpreter management and scheduling tools for language service providers. In 2022, Boostlingo acquired VoiceBoxer, a remote simultaneous interpretation and video conferencing platform based in Copenhagen, and Interpreter Intelligence, an interpreter management and scheduling platform based out of San Francisco.

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