The Most Future-Proofed Platform In The Interpretation Industry

The Boostlingo platform was developed to help language service organizations of any size feel confident in the tools and technologies they’ve invested in. We will help you deploy the best possible solution for your clients and ensure that you are at the very forefront of what’s next and what’s new and what is critical in language service delivery. By selecting Boostlingo for language access and services you rest assured that you can scale your interpretation business quickly and efficiently and that the technology will remain relevant today and tomorrow.

Boostlingo adheres to a “Kaizen” philosophy in our approach to product development. Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement” and it is embedded in our Boostlingo DNA.

This means that at Boostlingo we are always working on bringing you more new features and platform functionality to support your growing language business needs!

Ask any Boostlingo customer that’s been with us for a while and they will tell you about our enthusiasm and commitment for releasing new and better ways to use our technology. We can’t wait to show you what has been recently rolled out of the development labs and what we have planned next!

This is a great place to find out all about it!

Here’s some the fresh tech from the Boostlingo Labs

Boostlingo product upgrades to date with the release of Boostlingo 4.0 and BoostLink™, the new video conferencing framework available across all Boostlingo supported platforms!

For language service organizations who have been racing to find a true multi-party remote interpreting solution, the wait is finally over. With BoostLink™ you now have turn-key access to a robust video conferencing technology that is built specifically for your unique interpreting business and client/end-user needs. BoostLink™ has been seamlessly integrated into our standard call-flow and language resource management toolset in an intuitive and easy to use interface.

BoostLink Video Interpreting