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Seamlessly Runs Onsite Multilingual Event with BoostEvents

A Boostlingo Case Study

Plan International Canada Case Study


When planning a strategic multilingual event, Plan International Canada sought a high-quality yet budget-friendly simultaneous interpretation service for three languages. Despite physical space constraints, BoostEvents’ Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services provided an effective solution, enabling seamless communication among 100 participants from different global regions. BoostEvents’ user-friendly platform, flexible customer support, and high-quality interpretation overcame the logistical challenges, leading to a successful meeting.

Impressed with the experience, Plan International Canada’s Director of Program Management, Adam Graham, intends to continue leveraging BoostEvents for future meetings, praising its seamless platform and continued commitment to effective multilingual communication.

The Challenge

The challenge for Plan International Canada was to execute a strategic planning meeting with attendees from different parts of the world, each speaking different languages – English, French, and Spanish. Operating with a limited budget and physical space constraints, they needed a solution to facilitate effective multilingual communication without requiring interpretation booths or additional equipment.

Additionally, the platform had to be user-friendly to ensure ease of use for the diverse participant group. Ultimately, the success of the meeting hinged on overcoming these logistical and linguistic barriers.

The Results

BoostEvents’ Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services turned the multilingual challenge into an opportunity, enabling seamless communication among 100 participants, despite their diverse linguistic backgrounds. The user-friendly platform and exceptional customer support streamlined the process and helped overcome logistical constraints, without the need for physical interpretation booths.

The high-quality, cost-effective solution delivered by BoostEvents led to a successful strategic planning meeting, achieving Plan International Canada’s objectives. The positive experience reinforced Plan International Canada’s decision to continue using BoostEvents for future meetings, recognizing it as an invaluable asset for effective global communication.

“We weren’t really sure how to bring together interpretation services on a platform that people could use with ease, and I think that was kind of the big selling point with BoostEvents is that it was a seamless, easy to use platform.”

– Adam Graham, Plan International Canada

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About Plan International Canada

Plan International Canada is a member of a global federation advocating for children’s rights and gender equality across 75 countries. The organization primarily focuses on fundraising and support for projects implemented in different regions worldwide. With attendees from Canada, West Africa, East Africa, and Central America, their multilingual meetings play a significant role in aligning strategic goals and facilitating global communication.

The nonprofit organization strives to efficiently utilize its resources while ensuring the highest quality in its services, reinforcing its commitment to empowering children and promoting equality.