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How Language Service Providers Leverage Over-the-Phone Interpretation

How Language Service Providers Leverage Over the Phone Interpreting

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In our increasingly connected world, effective communication is essential for businesses and organizations to succeed. Language hurdles can be quite difficult, restricting opportunities for growth and impeding good communication. Language service providers (LSPs) are crucial in this situation.

Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), one of the many services they provide, has become a critical tool for overcoming language barriers and promoting effective communication. In this article, we’ll look at different ways LSPs use OPI technology to their advantage.

What Is Over-the-Phone Interpretation?

A remote interpretation service offered by language service providers is over-the-phone interpretation. Real-time language translation between parties who do not speak the same language is made possible by establishing a connection between an interpreter and clients over the phone or a teleconference system.

OPI is widely used in a variety of fields, including international commerce, customer service, law, and healthcare.

Instantaneous Language Support

One of the main advantages of OPI for LSPs is the quick access to language support. When LSPs collaborate with Boostlingo, they have access to our cutting-edge telecommunications technology that helps match clients with qualified interpreters in seconds.

Remote interpretation also makes it possible to offer interpreter services on-demand, which results in reduced waiting times and increased productivity.

Our clients are a testament to the power of over-the-phone interpreting technology. We continuously see them grow their appointment hours by using OPI. They’re able to provide more services to clients because of on-demand interpretation.

Cost-Effective Solution

Over-the-phone interpreting is also a cost-effective solution for providing language services. Lynn Fors, founder of Access Language Solutions, a Boostlingo customer, recently shared a story with us about a local lawyer who contacted her seeking resources to assist with a Swahili-speaking client. Lynn was able to offer him an affordable rate through OPI with Boostlingo. She shared with us:

“When I told him about over-the-phone interpreting, and how much it costs, he was just flabbergasted that he could serve his client for only $38.”

OPI is a more affordable option than on-site interpretation. On-site interpreting costs include travel, lodging and other fees. While over-the-phone interpretation doesn’t require these expenses, resulting in a lower cost to accessing professional language services.

Wide Range of Language Support

Not all Language Service Providers have an extensive network of professional interpreters proficient in various languages. Many would agree though that having access to a wide range of languages would help them grow their business. In regards to our example interpreting in Swahili, LSPs can offer more languages through OPI which can help them book more business.

When working with Boostlingo, you’re given access to an extensive pool of qualified interpreters. For Language Service Providers, by adding the Boostlingo Hub into your call routing you can offer over 300 languages, more language services, and rely on a safety net by using on-demand interpreting.

On-Demand Availability

In some languages, OPI has the benefit of being available on-demand, letting businesses use interpretation services whenever they require them. In order to ensure smooth communication across languages and cultures, LSPs may swiftly link clients with interpreters skilled in the necessary language pair, whether it is for a scheduled conference call, consumer question, or an urgent situation.

With Boostlingo, LSPs have access to over-the-phone interpreting in over 90 languages on-demand. This feature allows you to connect clients with an interpreter in a matter of seconds! Quick access to interpretation through on-demand is being used by LSPs with great success in fields like healthcare or legal where last-minute appointments are common.


Over-the-phone interpretation has emerged as a vital tool for language service providers to bridge language barriers and facilitate effective communication. Through instantaneous language support, cost-effective solutions, wide language coverage, and on-demand availability, LSPs empower businesses to overcome language obstacles and tap into new markets.

OPI not only enhances customer experiences but also fosters global collaborations, enabling organizations to thrive in multicultural environments. As the world becomes more interconnected, the role of language service providers leveraging OPI is set to become increasingly essential for businesses worldwide.

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