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How to Grow Your Interpreting Business with Direct Clients

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You are a small business owner as well as an independent interpreting business or a translation agency. As a result, developing a client base is critical. Each year, interpreting businesses and translation agencies expand rapidly, and the business side of it has become lucrative.

Did you know that over 50,000 interpreters and translators will be employed in the United States by 2021? That’s a great number for those reading who want to get into the industry, especially if they want to grow their interpreting business, but keep in mind that it’s not always easy to find clients who require any type of language services.

In this post, we will discuss the best ways to effectively gain potential clients for your interpreting business. There are numerous ways to get your company’s name out there, such as social media, word of mouth, or even digital marketing strategies to boost your brand’s digital presence.

However, many interpreters overlook a tried-and-true method for gaining more clients: reaching out directly. While language service providers, interpretation websites, and associations are all great places to look for work, you may encounter fierce competition. You’ll cast a bigger net if you contact out directly in addition to using those tactics. Here’s how to go about it:

Enhance The Branding of Your Interpreting Business

In 2022, the most successful strategy to build a business digitally is to have an online presence that defines what your business is and piques visitors’ interest in engaging with your brand further. Improving the branding of your interpreting business gives you a significant edge over your competition. When branding your interpreting business, it is critical to ask oneself what your primary business mission would be. Branding is similar to storytelling; describe why you began your interpreting business and how you want to improve and assist communities in need of interpretation.

Branding includes a variety of strategies such as a snappy website, colors that are suited for your message, and consistent action of releasing content to keep your business in the eyes of people. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, including marketing your company on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and even Facebook.

From here, your brand will attract attention, which will allow you to determine where your potential clients are. It’s an important step in establishing your target client base. Which we shall elaborate on in the next part!

As an Interpreting Business, You Should Determine a Target Group of Customers in A Target Area

In general, determining your target group of customers within your targeted area is the best way to zero in on any potential clients that you believe would be a good fit for your business. Your interpreting business is no exception. When determining your target market ask yourself questions like, “Who needs my services? ” or “what industries require interpreters?” When researching those questions, you should be able to find a few comfortable answers.

For example, assume that you are a medical interpreter in the Los Angeles region. Begin by compiling a list of organizations that might be a suitable fit. These may include:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Private practices
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Non-profit healthcare organizations

Create A Spreadsheet with the Prospective Client’s Contact Information

Conduct an internet search and review organizations that you feel would be great to work with. If they are a good fit to work with, make sure you check for a point of contact. Depending on your industry, titles may include:

  • Vendor Manager
  • Assistant Manager/Executive Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Department Manager

If you can’t find a reliable point of contact, it’s a good idea to expand your search to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for studying organizations across the world. If you still can’t find an employee to contact, consider free add-on programs like GetProspect or Clearbit, which are designed to help you recover someone’s email through the site.

It’s also effective to use the organization’s “Contact Us” email address or fill out an online form.

Compose a Brief, Personalized Email

One of the best ways to start the process of acquiring a new customer for your interpreting business if you want to increase your clientele is by creating a brief but personalized email. Start with a crisp subject line, followed by an email that includes a brief introduction, an explanation for your interaction, and a statement of how your company differs from others who provide interpreting services.

Check out this example that we’ve created for perspective:


Subject Line: Medical Interpreter – Spanish/English – Experience in Pediatrics

My name is Jane Smith, and I’m a certified Spanish-English medical interpreter who specializes in pediatrics. Throughout my 10-year career, I’ve helped numerous patients and their parents in hospital and clinical settings.

I recently read a story about how ABC Children’s Hospital is facing an interpreter shortage, so I decided to reach out to offer my help. In addition to onsite interpreting, I accept video remote and over-the-phone assignments, including emergency calls.

I have attached my proposal for your consideration. Do you have a few minutes next week to discuss your interpreting needs?


Jane Smith, Certified Medical Interpreter

(555) 555-5555

[email protected]

Attach Your Proposal and Click Send

Include your CV, portfolio, diplomas or certificates, and any references or recommendations in your submission. It is critical that you demonstrate your real value because these pieces are there to back up your email and assure the organization you are contacting that you are legitimate. To make this process easier, provide a link to this information, such as a Dropbox link.

After you send the email, remember to update your spreadsheet with the date. This will assist you in keeping track of the organizations you’ve contacted and remembering when to follow up.

Be Sure to Follow Up

Direct clients are frequently overburdened and hiring an interpreting service is not always a top priority. Given that, a gentle reminder is a great way to stay on top of things. Follow up on a regular basis or whenever you have something to say. It could be as simple as informing them that you have received a new certification or training, or that you will be working extra hours over the holiday weekend.

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