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New Integration with Microsoft Teams Improves Telehealth Interpretation Efficiency

With Boostlingo On-Demand for Teams, Telehealth providers can now quickly add medical interpreters to their calls from the Teams platform.

Austin, TX – March 27, 2024 – Boostlingo, an interpretation technology and language access platform used by many types of organizations to connect quickly with interpreters and manage language services, announced today that Boostlingo On-Demand is now available within Microsoft Teams app.

Boostlingo On-Demand is a software that manages and delivers remote interpretation services through phone and video from one unified platform. Since 2021, On-Demand call minutes have grown 4.8x on the platform, and the company was named a leading provider of healthcare interpreting by Slator.

When delivering Telehealth services, keeping clinic staff and patients aligned and up to date can be challenging, requiring constant switching between applications and searching for the latest information. Communicating with limited English proficient (LEP) and Deaf and Hard of hearing patients adds another layer of complexity.

Microsoft Teams is a preferred platform for Telehealth due to its virtual appointments, electronic health record integration, and security. By embedding Boostlingo On-Demand into Teams, customers can:

  • Add medical interpreters to their calls in over 300 languages: Request an audio or video interpreter to join your Teams meeting directly, choosing from over 300 spoken languages and ASL.
  • Tailor interpretation to various patient care activities: Connect on-demand healthcare interpreters to your calls within seconds and pre-schedule interpreters for virtual appointments.
  • Align language services: Streamline communication and safely sync On-Demand usage data directly from Teams to your EHR, maintain alignment across departments and organizations.

“There are over 25 million LEP individuals in the US and 11 million more who are Deaf or Hard of hearing,” reported Merrie Wallace, MN BSN, Chief Revenue Officer at Boostlingo. “Since Telehealth has become increasingly popular, healthcare providers must find a remote interpretation solution that seamlessly integrates into existing telehealth workflows. By integrating Boostlingo On-Demand into Microsoft Teams, we ensure telehealth providers are in the best position to succeed in every interaction.”

This announcement expands language support accessibility across video conferencing platforms, as On-Demand integrates with Zoom and Webex.

“Our integration with Microsoft Teams is an exciting next step in our vision to connect with any conferencing system,” said Brian D’Agostino, VP of Product at Boostlingo. “We’re thrilled to empower the Telehealth space by integrating with a platform that healthcare professionals are already familiar with and trust.”

For more information about Boostlingo’s integration with Microsoft Teams and how it can benefit your Telehealth services, please visit here.


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Boostlingo is a language access software and technology company based in Austin, TX. At Boostlingo, we believe in building innovative technology that empowers our customers and the people they serve to communicate without barriers and increase language access for all.

The Boostlingo platform includes video, phone, and on-demand interpreting,  the industry-leading interpreter management and scheduling technology for language service providers, remote simultaneous interpretation and video conferencing platform, and AI captioning and transcription.

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