Watch Northern Nevada HOPES Success Story

Jerry Trigueros is the Vice President of Patient Services at Northern Nevada HOPES, a primary care federally qualified health center located in Reno, Nevada. He spoke with us about using Boostlingo:

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Northern Nevada HOPES Success Story

Northern Nevada HOPES is a federally qualified health center located in Reno, Nevada offering comprehensive services such as primary care, X-rays, on-site pharmacy, and convenient transportation assistance.

When Jerry Trigueros, VP of Patient Services, started looking for an interpretation solution, they were using bilingual staff and a local university’s language services to communicate with limited English proficiency (LEP) individuals.

This approach was expensive, filled with logistical challenges, and removed staff from their existing responsibilities.

Jerry put it best: “It really was kind of a risky way to go about it. And as we started to grow, we started to realize we couldn’t keep running our resources in like that.”

Then, they started to look at different language service partners. Their search criteria included:

  • How quickly can they get an interpreter on the line
  • Pricing and subscription packages
  • Reporting capabilities

Jerry chose Boostlingo because of this.

Now, Northern Nevada HOPES uses Boostlingo to:

 1. Quickly and reliably connect with an interpreter:

Northern Nevada HOPES has established that the window for patient visits is around 20-minutes and quick connections allow them to maximize their appointments.

“Our medical assistants are able to within seconds, in a majority of our languages, get in touch with someone.”

 2. Provide affordable services, paying for the minutes they need:

According to Jerry, “we didn’t feel like we were being tied into a crazy minimum amount per minute.”

 3. Access reporting and language usage data

Northern Nevada HOPES uses Boostlingo to look at and identify data around language services usage.

“As a nonprofit, data is a heartbeat of the organization. We were able to look at, identify, and even show the data when we’re requesting a grant. The data is our go to.”

Meeting the needs of LEP patients

Boostlingo helped Northern Nevada HOPES transform the delivery and management of language services–helping their providers spend more time with LEP patients while saving costs for the organization.

When they recently experienced an influx of refugee patients, Northern Nevada HOPES was able to meet the needs of these patients and make the health center a welcoming enviornment.

“We have refugee patients who are coming in. What can we do to make this a welcoming environment and also be able to meet the needs of the patient today? Language does that. Boostlingo does that.”