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Meets Growing Demand for Language Services with Real-Time Access to Medical Interpreters

A Boostlingo Case Study

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The Orthopedic Institute (OI) faced a significant challenge post-pandemic as the demand for language services grew from occasional to daily due to an increasingly diverse patient demographic. This created scheduling problems, financial losses due to no-shows, and compliance challenges. Boostlingo OnDemand provided a solution with real-time access to medical interpreters and the ability to provide interpretation in over 300 languages, enhancing communication and patient satisfaction. Video Remote Interpreting became particularly popular among elderly patients, improving trust and understanding. As a result, OI met HIPAA and ACA compliance requirements, and improved operational efficiency and overall patient care, making interpretation an integral part of their services across various departments.

The Challenge

The Orthopedic Institute encountered a growing challenge as the demand for language services surged in the wake of an increasing multicultural patient base. Once a sporadic necessity, language interpretation became a daily requirement, putting a strain on the facility’s current system and leading to miscommunication. This often resulted in patients arriving without notice for appointments, needing immediate language support. Financially, the institute also faced losses from paying for interpreter services when patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) failed to show up for scheduled appointments. Moreover, maintaining compliance with HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) added to the complexity of the situation. These challenges underscored the need for a robust solution that could streamline communication, manage costs, and uphold regulatory standards in a dynamic, multilingual healthcare environment.

The Solution

The solution for the Orthopedic Institute’s linguistic and logistical challenges came with the adoption of on-demand interpretation services through Boostlingo. OI gained access to over 17,000 professional interpreters fluent in more than 300 languages, revolutionizing the way OI addressed the communication needs of its diverse patient population. The video remote interpreting feature facilitated a deeper sense of trust and clarity in patient-doctor interactions. Boostlingo’s flexibility allowed for seamless integration across various departments, from physical therapy to financial counseling, ensuring that every patient interaction was supported, regardless of language barriers. Moreover, the platform’s compliance with HIPAA and ACA standards meant that OI could confidently meet regulatory requirements while enhancing overall operational efficiency and patient care satisfaction.

With Boostlingo, our Physicians hit their regulatory marks. They don’t have compliance knocking on the door and it gives them an opportunity to just treat their patients. They don’t need to worry about anything else. This really checks off that box.

Michelle R., Director of Compliance and Risk Management

The Results


Average Response Times from Interpreters


Languages serviced by OI

Met compliance requirements

Before real-time access to interpreters on Boostlingo’s platform, managing interpretation posed challenges for OI. Often, non-English speaking patients would arrive without prior notification of their language needs, rendering communication nearly impossible. Michelle recalled, “When a patient was in front of our doctors, we were at a loss. We couldn’t communicate to tell them, ‘I’m sorry, there’s no one here fluent in your language to assist during this critical visit.’” OI’s team would not proceed with these appointments.

In other situations, when interpreters were scheduled, OI bore the financial burden for no-show appointments. Michelle elaborated, “If a patient didn’t show up, we were still on the hook for the language services we had scheduled. You can’t predict these things – traffic, other commitments, life happens. So, in these situations, we lost money because we still had to pay the interpreters”. The move to on-demand, virtual interpretation meant quick and reliable access to interpreters in a multitude of languages. This solution mitigated these challenges and allowed the staff and physicians at OI to focus on delivering quality care.

Integrating Interpretation Across Departments

Beyond its introduction in the clinic, the versatility of on-demand interpretation became apparent as other departments and employees, ranging from financial counseling to secretarial services, and even medical assistants, began to adopt the solution. Its widespread application throughout OI attests to the platform’s adaptability and essential role in bridging communication gaps across various parts of the patient experience.

I would urge all healthcare practices to use Boostlingo on the back end. We mainly use it in clinic with the
doctors. But we have expanded to our financial department. They use it to reach out for any type of bill claim review. Secretaries and medical assistants also use it to follow up with LEP patients.

Michelle R., Director of Compliance and Risk Management

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