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Certified Interpreters

Join us in our blog series dedicated to shining a light on the invaluable contributions of certified interpreters. Learn about the training process, dedication, and expertise required to achieve certification in various language pairs and specialties.

Deaf interpreter signing
What’s the Difference Between ASL Interpreters and Certified Deaf Interpreters?
certified interpreter vs qualified interpreter
What’s the Difference between a Qualified Interpreter and a Certified Interpreter?
on-demand interpretation at children's hospital
Why Family Members Don’t Make The Best Interpreters
certified court interpreter
How Can We Solve Court Interpreter Shortages?
background checks for interpreters
Background Checks for Interpreters: How Do They Work?
what is a community interpreter?
What Is a Community Interpreter?
sign language interpretation
What Is a Certified Deaf Interpreter?
voice care for interpreters
Voice Care for Interpreters
What legal credentials does a legal interpreter need?
What Legal Credentials Do Certified Legal Interpreters Need?
self-care for interpreters
Self-care for Remote Interpreters