BoostIMS for Hospitals

A better interpretation solution for healthcare systems starts with BoostIMS. Through intelligent routing, simple systems integrations, and easy-to-setup automation, BoostIMS will unify all your processes around language services.

Better Communication Starts with BoostIMS

Our interpretation management system allows you to unify and automate language services across your different locations and clinics. BoostIMS can simplify interpreter scheduling and data management for healthcare systems that work with staff and contract interpreters. We also provide 24/7 on-demand remote interpretation for almost all languages that you need. 

With our all-in-one software, you can manage onsite appointments, plan virtual follow-ups, and add over-the-phone interpreting and video remote interpreting options when they make sense. Our IMS also includes intelligent routing that will ensure you get the most of your staff interpreters.  

Global communication

Our server to server options allow you to offer services to global clients.

Backup for your team

The BPIN (with 13,000 interpreters) provides a fallback option if your team isn’t available for an on-demand call

Custom Phone Numbers for Dial

Have a consistent need for a language? We can create a custom phone number to get connected, making the process even simpler.

Customize Routing

Do you have a preferred interpreter? Customize who gets on-demand requests in what order when a request comes into your team.