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swahili medical interpreter Mary Kagia
Language Testing

The Pros and Cons of Language Testing

Hiring best practices dictate that you verify a candidate’s skill set before you make an offer. When it comes to interpreters, translators, and bilingual employees, that means evaluating language skills. Yet even if you’re fluent in the…
Native American linguists

5 Native American Linguists You Should Know

Did you know? November is Native American Heritage Month. Established in 1990, it celebrates the history, cultures, and contributions of Native Americans throughout the United States. While this recognition is long overdue, it also highlights…
911 Interpreters

The Life-or-Death Stakes of 911 Interpreting

Imagine your house is on fire. You frantically dial 911, but the operator hangs up because you spoke in Spanish. A terrifying thought, right? Unfortunately, this may have happened to Heriberto Santiago Jr. of Allentown, Pennsylvania on July…
google translate

Why Google Translate Can’t Replace Legal Interpreters

“Google Translate is a useful tool with an alarming capacity for error.” That’s what a Pennsylvania District Judge wrote in his October 2021 ruling on a case that involved obtaining information from a Spanish-speaking driver through the…